Job Descriptions & Salaries

Step into a world of career opportunities at WCJC. Here you will find detailed job descriptions, salary information, and organizational charts for various positions at WCJC. 

Salary Schedules

To access the salary schedule PDF files, you need to download Adobe Acrobat Reader. This is free to download on the Adobe website.    The Salary Schedules reflect the maximum number of equated years of experience a new hire may receive.  Employees may view the complete Salary Schedules on the College’s Intranet site.  The public can contact Human Resources at for a copy of the complete Salary Schedules.

WCJC Organizational Charts

Discover the organizational structure of WCJC through our collection of Organizational Charts. Explore and gain insights into academic departments, support services, and more. Employees may view the Organizational Charts on the college's Intranet site. The public can contact Human Resources at for a copy of the Organizational Charts.
  • President's Organizational Chart 
  • Instruction Organizational Chart
  • Administrative Organizational Chart
  • Academic Organizational Chart 
  • Administrative Services Organizational Chart
  • Facilities Management Organizational Chart
  • Vocational Instruction Organizational Chart
  • Student Success Organizational Chart 
  • Allied Health Division Organizational Chart
  • Communications & Fine Arts Division Organizational Chart
  • Life Sciences Division Organizational Chart 
  • Social & Behavioral Science Division Organizational Chart
  • Technology & Business Division Organizational Chart
  • Vocational Science Division Organizational Chart
  • Math & Physical Sciences Division Organizational Chart
  • Strategy Enrollment Management & Technology 
  • Human Resources Organizational Chart 
  • Instruction Administrative Organizational Chart