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Take part in one of the many student activities available at WCJC. Show off your skills, build your resume, and meet new people through clubs, athletic events, study groups, campus activities, plays, concerts, and more!

Get Involved

Make friends. Build your network. Have fun! College is about more than what you learn in the classroom. Get involved in student life by joining a club or organization. Become a student representative or campus volunteer. Star in a play or join the choir. There is something for everyone.
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Honors Societies

Campus Life

Student activities at community colleges aren’t always organized events. Spending time on campus gives you more opportunities to be immersed in student life and college culture.
Live on campus and enjoy all of the amenities of campus life.
Visit the library to get help with your research or find a quiet place to study. Located in the Library, you will find the Career and Transfer Advising Center, Testing Center, TRiO, and the Learning Center and Computer Lab. There are also study rooms available for independent or group study.
Show off your school spirit by loading up on WCJC gear. Buy and return your textbooks. And more at the WCJC bookstore!
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