Office of Grants Management

The Office of Grants Management helps WCJC faculty and staff turn their vision into fundable proposals that support WCJC's mission and priorities. Get in touch with us to start the grant proposal process and get your research funded.

About Our Office

The WCJC Grants & Resource Development Office guides and supports faculty and staff in securing and managing external funding to promote the goals and priorities of the college and its programs.

How We Support Faculty and Staff

Our office provides support in three ways:
  1. Helping faculty and staff visualize new projects and programs.
  2. Facilitating the development of competitive proposals.
  3. Ensuring that projects are realistic and can be easily managed.

Contact Information

We're happy to answer any questions you have. Contact:

Cindy Mahalitc, M.Ed. 
Coordinator of Grants Management and Compliance 
Phone: (979) 532-6534

How to Apply

If you prefer a visual representation of this process, view our grant development process chart.

Identify an Opportunity

Step 1
  • The Office of Grants Management researches various funding opportunities and will create a Grant Opportunity Synopsis for those grants applicable to WCJC.
  • If a grant is specific to a department or campus, the coordinator will forward the synopsis to the the applicable Department Head or Program Director, along with appropriate Dean and/or Vice President.
  • If the grant is college-wide or available for multiple campuses, the coordinator will present it to the Executive Cabinet for discussion and consideration.

Create a Project Plan

Step 2
  • Faculty or departments that identify a potential grant opportunity must complete a Letter of Intent and route through their supervisor for administrative approval.
  • The Office of Grants Management will research the project idea or possible funders and provide support for the development of a proposal.
  • If approved for consideration, the lead faculty or department will work with the Office of Grants Management to develop the complete grant proposal, including a formal budget.

Submit a Proposal

Step 3
  • Once a final proposal has been developed, it must be routed through the appropriate Vice President for final review.
  • Upon approval from the supervising Vice President, the Vice President of Strategy, Enrollment Management, and Technology will review the proposal and submit to the President for final approval.
  • Once approved, the proposal will be submitted through the Office of Grants Management to the applicable funding agency.

Grant Sources

Recent Grant Awards

WCJC received funds as part of the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund programs, CARES, CRRSAA, and ARP. Quarterly reports for all expenditures are provided below:

2024 - Quarter 1

2023 - Quarter 4

2023 - Quarter 3

2023 - Quarter 2

2023 - Quarter 1

2022 - Quarter 4

2022 - Quarter 3

2022 - Quarter 2

2022 - Quarter 1

2021 - Quarter 4

2021 - Quarter 3

2021 - Quarter 2


Award: $511,000
Award Term: Summer 2023 - Summer 2025

Funds donated by the Johnson Foundation will be used over a period of two years to upgrade simulation equipment within the WCJC Allied Health department, allowing for state-of-the-art training for WCJC students.


Award: $3,000,000
Award Term: October 2020 - September 2025

The Title V HSI grant has been used to expand career and transfer advising services to students on the Wharton and Richmond Campuses.


Award: $1,300,000
Award Term: September 2020 - August 2025

The WCJC TRIO program seeks to provide comprehensive student services to first-generation students on the Wharton Campus.