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Here are your WCJC parking essentials: where you can park on each campus, how to obtain a parking permit and how to pay or appeal a citation.

Know Which Parking Decal You Need

All students and employees must display a parking decal on vehicles that are parked on campus. The process and cost to get that decal depends upon which campus you use.

All vehicles, including motorcycles, must be registered with the Office of Security and Public Safety and display a current WCJC parking decal. The parking decals are valid for one school year, and they expire after each Summer II session. Any violation will result in a parking citation.

All vehicles parked on college-owned or controlled property must be parked within marked spaces. Vehicles parked on grass, sidewalks or anywhere else on college property, as well as vehicles parked on parking lots but not in marked spaces, may be towed at the owner's expense.

Campus parking is a privilege that may be revoked for cause.

WCJC Parking Stripes

Find your color to know where to park:

  • Students: White lines (NOT visitor white lines)
  • Employees: Red lines (Wharton); green lines (Richmond)
  • Handicap: Blue Lines/curbs
  • Visitors: "Visitor Parking" signs (20-minute limit)
  • Dormitory: Green lines/designated dorm lots
  • Reserved: Red lines with "Reserved" signage (curbs)
  • Loading Zone: White lines (15-minute limit)
  • No Parking: Yellow or white cross stripes/curbs

Parking Rules

  • All parking permits/decals are located in the Security and Public Safety Department at no additional cost (included in fees).
  • All students must register each vehicle that is used on campus.  Vehicle registration is completed by submitting the Vehicle Registration Form.
  • Anyone buying or trading a vehicle must update vehicle information. Decals should be removed from vehicles that aren’t being used by the student. Old decals must be removed before applying new ones to the vehicle.
  • All Faculty, Staff and Employees must obtain a decal for each vehicle that may be driven on campus or a WCJC property.
  • Handicap parking is allowed in all parking spaces, excluding loading zones, fire lanes, times areas beyond the timed limit or parking spaces specifically marked for an individual. Most lots have handicap-designated spots. Handicap placards must be displayed.
  • Temporary parking permits may be obtained from the Office of Security and Public Safety at the Wharton and Richmond Campuses. Temporary permits must be displayed to the front of the vehicle by placing on the dashboard above the speedometer, with numbers facing outward.

Parking Citations

Citations are $25.00 each. You can get information about towed vehicles from the Office of Security and Public Safety.

Search Fee of $10.00 applies to non-registered vehicles.

Pay Your Citations in any WCJC Business Office. Failure to pay citations will put a hold on your student records. All appeals must be made within five school days of the citation date. Citation appeal forms may be downloaded or picked up in the Security and Public Safety Department at the Wharton or Richmond Campus.

All WCJC students who park a vehicle at the WCJC Sugar Land Campus must have a valid University of Houston parking permit. Parking permits for the Sugar Land campus are virtual. Parking regulations will be enforced through license plate recognition.  Students can register up to two vehicles under one permit. Only one vehicle under any permit may be on campus at a time, however.

How to Purchase a Parking Permit and Cost

Students must purchase Sugar Land parking permits through the University of Houston online portal. WCJC students must use their WCJC student email address when they log in to purchase a parking permit.

How to Use WCJC Financial Aid for a Parking Permit

If you’ve registered for classes and have authorized financial aid, you can use your aid to purchase an annual or semester permit. This depends on how much aid you have available after you cover tuition and fees. Students may purchase permits using WCJC financial aid for a limited period of time. Please check your financial aid letter for specific dates and deadlines..

How Non-Financial Aid Students Can Pay for a Parking Permit 

Non-financial aid WCJC students may purchase their Sugar Land parking permit online with a credit card via the University of Houston's online system. 

Have Questions?

If you attend class or conduct business at both the WCJC Sugar Land campus and at another WCJC campus, you must have two parking permits, one from WCJC and one from UHS. Please follow the directions for both categories above.

How to Appeal a Parking Citation

To appeal a citation, you’ll need to download the Citation Appeal Form. The Summary Appeals Courts meet monthly or on an as-needed basis to hear appeals. Inclement weather will not excuse parking violations. Not knowing the parking regulations is not an acceptable reason to excuse a parking violation.

How to Appeal In Person

Appellants who wish to appeal in person before the court must notify the Summary Appeals Court in writing at least four full work days before the court's meeting date. If you don’t meet this deadline, you’ll need to wait until the next court date.

How to Appeal in Writing

You can appeal a citation by submitting a typed statement to the Summary Appeals Court. You must submit the original citation with your appeal. If you don’t include the original citation for any reason, it will constitute evidence of guilt, and your appeal will be denied.

What Happens After an Appeal

If you successfully appeal your citation, your citation will be rescinded and you won’t have to pay any penalties. If your appeal is not successful, you’ll be subject to the standard penalty. The decision of the Summary Appeals Court is final.

Frequently Asked Questions

Parking permits are available during registration at each campus. If you did not get a permit at the time of registration, you may pick up a permit at the Security Office on the Wharton Campus, at the Front Receptionist Desk at the Bay City Campus, or at the Business Office on the Richmond and Sugar Land campuses. 
You must have a parking permit no later than the first week of classes. Warnings will be given for violations of parking regulations only during the first week of classes.

You’ll need to provide your name and Social Security Number or ID number. You’ll also need the year, make, model, color and license plate number of your vehicle.

Decals must be affixed to the lower left corner of the rear window or left rear bumper of the vehicle. Motorcycle decals can be displayed on the windshield, the rear license plate frame or rear fender. Vehicles with plastic windows or a soft top (like a Jeep) may place decals on the front window close to the inspection or registration decals or on the rear bumper according to WCJC instructions.

You must get a decal for each vehicle that you may drive on campus or WCJC property. Decals are available in the Office of Security and Public Safety at no cost. If you park on the Sugar Land campus, please view the separate directions above for parking on that campus.

Students may park between the white lines at each WCJC campus. Read the full parking and traffic regulations in the Student Handbook.

Yes, each parking citation is $25.00. Fines should be paid at the Business Office on the campus where the citation was issued, or you can mail payment to the attention of the Business Office at the address on the citation with the citation number noted on your form of payment. If you have unpaid parking fines, you’ll get a hold placed on your student record.