How to Apply

General Admission Procedures

 Please read all admissions procedures thoroughly.

1. Submit an Electronic Application.  

If you were previously a WCJC student, but it has been two years since you were enrolled, you need to submit a new application. It is not necessary to submit an application for every term you wish to register and you only need to submit a single application if you have been away for two years. 

Use the online Apply Texas Two Year/Community College application at  The application is quick and easy! After clicking on, follow these steps to get started. Once your application has been transmitted to Wharton County Junior College it will processed within 72 hours. Processing time may vary during peak registration periods.  

A) Click here to ENTER APPLYTEXAS 

B) Fill out the information and click on "Save Profile",

C) Continue to fill out the application according to the on-screen directions.


Re-entering Students

(re-entering after not being enrolled for two years or more):

Students who have previously attended Wharton County Junior College but have not attended for two years or more are eligible for admission as Re-entering students. Required documents are:

  • Updated electronic application. A new application has to be submitted even if nothing has changed to comply with state residency requirements.

  • Updated official transcript(s) from every accredited college or university attended.

  • Official College Entrance, alternative, or exemption test scores (if not already noted on transcript). Meets the Texas Success Initiative as required by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.

  • Students reentering after academic suspension should seek advising through the Counselors office.

Certificate Program Students

Students seeking a technical certificate are eligible to attend Wharton County Junior College. These students are exempt from Success Initiative testing requirements as long as the student enrolls in the courses within the certificate program(s) as outlined in the catalog. Students are required to comply with all specific certificate requirements within the certificate program(s) as outlined in the catalog. Required documents are:

  • Electronic application.

  • Official copy of the high school transcript showing the final grades and date of graduation.

  • Official transcript from every accredited college or university attended.

  • Official College Entrance, alternative, or exemption test scores if required in the certificate program (if not already noted on transcript).

Non-Credit Student Application Procedures
(Continuing Education)

Students seeking to attend Continuing Education courses must visit the Continuing Education area of the website and follow procedures outlined there.

Continuing Education

Specific Program Application Procedures

Each of the following programs has additional application procedures.

Note: Students entering Allied Health Programs are required to provide proof of immunization against measles, rubella, mumps, Hepatitis B, and Tetanus/Diphtheria. All other students are urged to take preventative health measures.

Students applying to Allied Health Programs with selective admission criteria are required to submit data such as test scores and transcripts by deadlines set by the individual programs. These deadlines are published at the program web sites and contained in the applications.

It is the sole responsibility of the applicant to request and secure information such as test scores and transcripts from the Office of Admissions and Registration well in advance of the stated deadlines. It is preferred that applicants secure the required information on time and in person.

The Office of Admissions and Registration will not send test scores or transcripts to the individual Allied Health Programs via fax or interoffice mail.

Prior to the stated deadline, applicants are encouraged to follow-up with the Allied Health Program secretary responsible to the program for which they are seeking admission and determine if their application is complete.


Students who do not meet the Texas Success Initiative Assessment standard created by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board's Education Statute (applying to all public institutions of higher education in Texas):

1.            Must enroll continuously in college readiness classes (excluding summer sessions and mini terms) directly related to the section(s) of the test where the score in reading, writing or math does not meet the college readiness standards. The student must continue enrolling in the college readiness class each semester until they are college ready in all areas. Students must give priority in course selection to the corresponding college readiness class. Students who are not college ready in reading, writing, and math are required to enroll in college readiness classes immediately upon enrolling at WCJC if the student seeks enrollment in college credit courses that lead to an associate, level two certificate or baccalaureate degree.

2.            Must satisfactorily complete all coursework in the developmental sequence at the point of placement before enrolling in college level courses in those disciplines.

3.            Must enroll in a student success course (PSYC 1300 and/or NCBI) if TSI placement results indicate need for college readiness courses

4.            Cannot enroll in courses where college-readiness has not been met.

5.            Must meet with an academic advisor as part of mandatory advising/TSI remediation advisement until the college readiness courses are satisfied by either satisfying the TSIA by retesting in the area they did not meet the standard or completing the college readiness sequence with a grade of A,B, or C.

6.            Cannot graduate from an associate degree program or from a level two certificate program.

Joint Admissions with WCJC/UH

Click here to view joint admissions agreement. (pdf)

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