WCJC Economic Impact Study

WCJC is a Vital Partner
in Fueling the Economy

Wharton County Junior College plays a substantial role in fueling the economic growth of its Service Area – Austin, Colorado, Fort Bend, Jackson, Matagorda, and Wharton Counties.

For every $1 invested in WCJC:

  • Students gain $5.20 in lifetime earnings, an average rate of return of 19%
  • Taxpayers gain $4.00 in added tax revenue and public sector savings
  • Society gains $14.80 in added income and social savings

WCJC's Service Area benefits by:

  • Adding $122.4 million in total income FY 2022-23
  • Supporting 1,825 total jobs

Wharton County Junior College creates a significant impact on the local business community and generates a return on investment to its major stakeholder groups – students, taxpayers, and society. Using a two-pronged approach that involves an economic impact analysis and an investment analysis, this study calculates the benefits received by each of these groups. Results of the analysis reflect the fiscal year (FY0 2022-23.
The Economic Value of Wharton County Junior College