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Board of Trustees

Members of the Board of Trustees 
Wharton County Junior College District

Board Position Name Term Expires Photo
7 Mr. P. D. (Danny) Gertson, III, CHAIR May 2018 Gertson
5 Mrs. Merle Hudgins May 2018 Hudgins
9 Mr. Jack C. Moses
May 2016 Moses
6 Mr. Monty Merecka, Secretary
May 2018 Merecka
3 Mrs. Ann Hundl May 2020 Ann Hundl 
8 Mr. Oliver W. Kunkel, Jr. May 2020 Kunkel
4 Mrs. Amy Rod May 2020 Rod
1 Mr. Lloyd Nelson May 2016 Nelson
2 Mr. Gary P. Trochta, Vice Chair May 2016 Trochta
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