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Continue your education after WCJC to earn your bachelor's degree, expand your career opportunities, and continue learning before joining the workforce. WCJC has some of the highest transfer rates in the state; so if you're looking to transfer after WCJC, you're in the right place. Reach out to a transfer specialist for help with the transfer process or to talk about if transferring is right for you.

Pick, Plan, Proceed: Meet with a Transfer Specialist

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You have to pick, plan and proceed. Think about what university you want to pick. Make a plan for how you will get there. And then, you have to proceed. Come on in and let us help you do that.
Mike Adkins
Director of Academic and Career Advising
  • Make an Appointment

    Make an appointment to go over the transfer process, evaluate universities based on your goals, and discuss how to contact the schools you're interested in.

  • Contact Us

    Have questions? Advisors are available on the Wharton, Sugar Land, and Richmond campuses. Email us at or call us at 979-532-6388.

Texas Common Course Numbering System

How will my credits transfer?

Course equivalency guides show a listing of equivalent courses between WCJC and Texas public colleges and universities. Some university websites also include transferable courses required for specific majors. You can look up course equivalencies from other institutions using the WCJC College Source TES platform or use the TCCNS Matrix to see course equivalency between Texas institutions.
Learn More About TCCNS

Explore Your Options

If you're not sure where you want to transfer, or what you need to transfer, start with the school's website and transfer pages. Learn more about articulation agreements and reach out to us if you have questions.


Private universities may use their own numbering system and it is up to the school what WCJC courses they'll accept for credit. Explore their website and transfer information to learn more.


Out-of-state universities can decide what WCJC courses they accept for credit. Explore their website and transfer information to learn more. 


Some Texas universities offer a joint admission program, where you may be admitted to both WCJC and the university. For more information about joint admission programs, contact the WCJC Transfer Support Office at 979-532-6516.


Transfer articulation agreements are special contracts between WCJC and a four-year school. These agreements say which classes from WCJC will count towards a bachelor's degree at the university. Save time and money by checking which credits will be accepted when you transfer from WCJC to these schools.