Title V

WCJC was awarded a Title V HSI grant in 2020, and we’ve since used it to advance one core initiative: creating a career and transfer center to improve retention and graduation rates for our Hispanic and first-time-in-college (FTIC) students. This grant demonstrates our unwavering commitment to helping our students achieve their goals.

Title V Project Goals

As part of our Title V grant, WCJC received $600,000 in the first year of the project, and will receive a total of $3,000,000 before the funding window closes in 2025. We’re dedicated to using this money to support three key goals.

Goal 1

Increase fall-to-fall persistence rates for Hispanic and FTIC students.

Goal 2

Increase graduation rates within three years for Hispanic and FTIC students.

Goal 3

Increase transfer rates within three years for Hispanic and FTIC students.

Span the Gap with Summer Bridge

Our Pioneer Career Summer Bridge Program helps graduating high school seniors get a jump start on their college experience through early career and transfer planning and immersive field trips to regional employers. Apply for the program to better prepare yourself for WCJC and what follows. At the end of the 2-week experience, you’ll receive a $1,000 scholarship. Available spots are limited. Apply by June 1.
The program is exposing us to different options. It’s really helped us acclimate to being at college."
Avery Viktorin
El Campo High School Graduate & WCJC Student
Avery Viktorin was uneasy about making the transition from high school to college and felt the Bridge Program would help fill that gap. She plans on completing her basic courses at WCJC before transferring to the University of Houston to pursue a degree in accounting.
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Title V isn’t the only support system in place for WCJC students. Explore other resources to find scholarships, testing accommodations, and more.
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Reach out to advising@wcjc.edu for more information about the Title V grant, scholarships, the Pioneer Career Summer Bridge program, and more.