Dual Credit or Concurrent Enrollment

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Get ahead by earning college credit while in high school with WCJC Dual Credit and Concurrent Enrollment Programs. Earn both college and high school credit while still in high school, setting yourself up for a successful future. Discover the ins and outs of these valuable programs, determine eligibility, and learn how to enroll today.

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Responsibilities, Rights, and Resources for Dual Credit Students

Fast Track to College Success

Dual credit allows high school students to take select courses at WCJC and simultaneously earn both college and high school credit. With these courses, you'll create a permanent record on your college and high school transcripts, giving you a head start on your higher education journey.
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Dual Credit Courses

High School & College Credit
Dual credit allows you to earn college credit while in high school. Take select courses at WCJC and earn credit for both college and high school. You may be able to take these classes on your high school campus, at a WCJC campus or online. WCJC offers a wide range of dual credit courses, including core curriculum, technical program requirements, and foreign language classes. However, remedial and developmental courses are not available to dual credit students.
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College Credit Only

Concurrent enrollment lets high school students take courses at WCJC for college credit only before graduating high school. These courses, and the grades earned, will become a permanent part of your college transcript, setting a strong foundation for your future academic endeavors. Explore all of our classes to determine if concurrent enrollment is right for you. 

Program Eligibility

Public, private, and home-schooled students who have met Texas Success Initiative (TSI) requirements for reading/writing and/or math may enroll in WCJC's dual credit and concurrent classes. While there is no limit to the number of credit hours students can enroll in, high school restrictions may apply to the number of credits contributing to your graduation plan.

To be eligible for dual credit or concurrent enrollment, you must achieve the required scores in reading, writing, and math on the state-recognized tests outlined below:

Texas Success Initiative (TSI) requirements: 





TSIA (prior to Jan. 11, 2021)


4 Essay and 340+ Multiple Choice; or

5+ Essay



English Language Arts & Reading (ELAR)

945-990 with an essay of   5-8;  OR

910-944 with a diagnostic 5-6 and

essay of 5-8

950 - 990


 910-949 with diagnostic 6



4000+ English II EOC


4000+ Algebra I EOC and 70+ final grade in Algebra II


460+ Reading & Writing (EBRW)


510+ Math


480+ Reading & Writing (EBRW)


530+ Math


23+ Composite and 19+ English


23+ Composite and

19+ Math

Enroll in College Classes Today

WCJC registers high school students based on rosters received from school districts. Home-schooled students should contact the WCJC dual credit coordinator for proper enrollment guidance. Pay for classes each semester either in full or through payment plans.
It is free to apply to WCJC

Step 2: Submit your proof of TSI exemption

May be submitted by your high school

Step 3: Submit your Bacterial Meningitis Immunication record

Required only if you are taking classes on a WCJC campus


Contact Us

Reach out to the WCJC Dual Credit Coordinator with any questions you have about taking WCJC courses while you’re still in high school.
Natalie Stavinoha
Dual Credit Coordinator
Phone: 979-532-6964 
Email: natalies@wcjc.edu