Emergency Medical Services (EMS) - How to Apply

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Emergency medical technicians and paramedics are the first to respond and the last to leave. They’re the on-the-ground medical professionals who save lives every day. Ready to join their ranks? Here’s what you need to know about applying for an EMS program at WCJC—and jumpstarting your career.

Steps to Apply

After you apply to WCJC, there are additional steps to joining our EMS program. Follow these steps to complete the application process.
Step 1
This one-page form tells the EMS department which program you’re hoping to complete. Complete the application, then submit it directly to the EMS department. Attach all schools you’ve previously attended—including your high school or GED program.  Once a program application is submitted, the student will receive a registration packet that will explain next steps.

Collect Immunization Documentation

Step 2
Provide documentation that shows proof of the following immunizations: hepatitis B vaccination series, tDap, MMR, varicella, flu vaccine (for current flu season) and TB skin test (within last six months). There are waivers possible for some of these, so please contact the program for additional information.

Show Proof of CPR Certification

Step 3
CPR is the basis of any EMS training, so you must complete a CPR course in Basic Life Support from the American Heart Association (AHA). WCJC’s EMS department only accepts certification from the AHA.  We will offer CPR training within our courses or submit a copy of your certification with your application. 

Complete a Drug Screen

Step 4
You'll find informaton on how to complete the Drug Screen in your registration packet.

Gather Health Data

Step 5
Before getting started at clinical sites, you’re required to complete an entrance physical exam. You’ll also need to complete a health data form to submit your health history.  The forms for the physical exam and health data are included in your registration packet.

Complete a Background Check

Step 6
One last step! Final acceptance into the EMS program is contingent upon a satisfactory background check from a WCJC-approved agency. You’ll find the form for this background check in your registration packet.


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