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The College has set a reopening date of August 24th for our Barnes & Noble Bookstores with normal hours for each location posted below.   Students coming to the Bookstore should be aware that all CDC recommendations will be observed including mandatory masks and social distancing.  

The important thing for Wharton County Junior College students is that the Barnes & Noble website is still open and ready to take online orders.  Barnes & Noble has agreed to provide free standard shipping for all WCJC students.

Students can continue to access the bookstore website by going through the College's Homepage and clicking on the bookstore link.  Everything there is still functioning as normal.   Students needing books for the fall semester should click on the campus where the course is taught,  and then on the Fall 2020 semester to get started.   Students taking online classes that can not find their class listed at the Wharton store should find it under the Richmond location.

We will keep you informed of any other changes as we work through this situation.



The Bookstore will buyback your used textbooks.  The issue is that the campuses are closed and so is the bookstore.    Once the Campuses reopen, and there is at least a resemblance of normal activity, the Bookstore plans to publish a 2 or 3 week buyback time after the fall semester rush when students can bring back their books and sell them for cash.   You will still have to show some form of ID, but that's been a requirement for years.  Watch your emails and College Webpage for information.

If you have textbook rentals and need to return them before you're charged....   You can go on the WCJC Bookstore webpage, click on Textbooks, then click on Textbook Rentals.  A page will come up that says “Renting is Easy”.  Scroll to the bottom of that sheet and you’ll see a link on the right that says, “Rental Return”.   Click on that and it will take you to the instructions for printing your UPS Free return label.    The only 2 things you will need are your “Order ID or Order #” and your email that you used when renting the book(s).  Your Order ID or # is located on any email you received from the bookstore regarding your rented books.    Make sure you have all your rental books listed before printing the label.   Only 1 label per Order # is allowed.   Print off your UPS mailing label.   Simply box your books, put on the label,  and take them to a UPS drop off spot.   That's it.   

If you experience issues with completing your rental return, you can email the bookstore staff at bkswhartoncounty@bncollege.com       Even though their stores are closed, they do have limited staff available to return your email.       

Information Regarding Financial Aid Students

Wharton County Junior College students who receive financial aid are provided in-store credit only at the Wharton campus and Richmond campus Barnes & Noble bookstores. This approved financial aid credit can be used for textbooks or supplies purchased in person or ordered on online.

Information Regarding the Sugar Land Campus

Beginning in the summer of 2019, Barnes & Noble will no longer be the bookstore provider at the Sugar Land campus. The new bookstore vendor at the Sugar Land campus is affiliated with the University of Houston and will not be able to provide in-store credit to Wharton County Junior College financial aid students. Students registered for classes at the Sugar Land campus may purchase their books online through the online WCJC Barnes & Noble Richmond Campus Bookstore link found at wcjc.edu and should select the “Free Shipping” under Shipping Options and they will not be charged a shipping fee.   


Students are not required to purchase text books from the Barnes & Noble college bookstores. Textbooks may be purchased from other retailers not affiliated with Wharton County Junior College.

Online Purchases

Barnes & Noble online purchases may be made by accessing the following links:

Wharton Campus Bookstore

Richmond Campus Bookstore


Barnes & Noble College Bookstore Locations, Hours, and Contact:

Wharton Campus Bookstore

     Hutchins Memorial Center

     911 Boling Highway

     Wharton, Texas  77488

     Contact:  979.532.6414 

     NormalHours:   Mon. – Thur.:  7:45 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

                                Fri.:  7:45 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

                                Sat. and Sun.:  Closed


Richmond Campus Bookstore

     5333 FM 1640

     Richmond, Texas  77469

     Contact:  281.239.1513

     Normal Hours:    Mon. – Thur.:  7:45 a.m. – 7:30 p.m.

                                  Closed  2:00 - 4:00 pm each day.

                                  Fri.,  Sat.,  and  Sun.:   Closed


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