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Most books may be checked out for two weeks. Items may be renewed one time. A circulating item may have a hold put on it. This means that the item will not be renewed and the person putting the hold on will be notified when the item is returned. Ask at the Circulation Desk about this service.

Items returned late will incur a fine. The rate is $0.25 per day. Fines are not charged for days the library is not open. The cost of a lost or damaged book is calculated by the amount the library will have to spend to replace the item, not what it cost originally. At the end of semesters unpaid fines and unreturned items will cause a hold on grades to be put on at the Registrar’s office.

Reserve items are chosen by instructors for specific classes. They may be notes and exam reviews. They may be books or articles. Reserve items circulate for the period of time the instructor has chosen. This could be an over night loan or a semester loan. Some items on reserve do not circulate outside the library.

Audiovisual materials are available for student use in the library. 

If an item, either a book or an audiovisual program, is not at the site the student may contact the library staff and request that the material be sent by courier. A daily courier service assures that any item held by the WCJC libraries is available at all sites.

Note: The library exit gate at the Wharton Campus is equipped with a security alarm.  The alarm ensures that only books which have been checked out leave the library.   If you set off the alarm when you walk out of the library, please stop by the circulation desk to get your book(s) checked.   The library reserves the right to inspect bags for materials if the alarm goes off

Circulating Items

Books (one renewal) 14 day
Reserve 1 hour to 1 semester (instructor’s decision)
Audiovisual items 2 hour in-building use
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