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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I apply?

Submit your application online at Applytexas.org

2. Do I need to take the SAT or ACT?

No. WCJC requires students to satisfy the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) requirements by either taking the TSIA or providing exemption scores. Learn more by visiting the WCJC testing page.

3. How do I find out when the next TSI exam test will be given?

Visit the testing page or call to schedule your TSI at any WCJC testing center. Wharton: 979-532-6386; Sugar Land: 281-243-8434; or Richmond: 281-239-1532.

4. Do I need an appointment to register for classes?

An appointment is not necessary to register for classes. Once you have completed all admissions requirements, you can register online at through your MyWCJC account. You may also register in-person at the Office of Admissions and Registration at any WCJC campus.  However, campus tours do require an appointment. Please see advising page.

5. When is the last day to register for classes?

New registration closes at midnight the day before classes start each semester. All admission criteria must be satisfied in order to register. Registration schedules can be found here.

6. Can I change my schedule? 

Yes. You may change your schedule through the second class day during the fall and spring semesters and the first day of classes during the summer sessions.  There is a $15.00 schedule change fee that is charged once classes begin.

7. Can an academic advisor assist me with registering for classes?

Advisors do not register students for courses. Academic advisors assist students with selecting appropriate courses for their intended major, assist students who wish to transfer, and provide guidance for students who require college preparatory courses. Students are responsible for creating their own schedule and registering themselves for courses.

9. Can I take classes at different campuses during the same semester?

Yes. You may take classes in Sugar Land, Wharton, Richmond, and other locations during the same semester if you choose. There is no additional cost to take classes at different campuses.

10. Does WCJC have a new student orientation?

Yes. New Student Orientation is required for all new students who have never attended college before. Visit the orientation page to learn more.

11. If I am a high school dual credit/concurrent student, do I complete another application after I graduate from high school?

Yes.  Dual Credit/Concurrent students need to reapply for admission. Your application information in Apply Texas needs to be updated to indicate you are a high school graduate and first time in college student.  We'll also needed an updated  transcript (final transcript with date of graduation).

12. Which students are considered “in-district” for tuition purposes?

An in-district student is one who is a Texas resident and has resided continuously within the WCJC Taxing District (Wharton County and Needville ISD) for six months prior to the start of the semester for which they are applying, or if a minor, one whose parent(s) or legal guardian meet this qualification.

13. Does WCJC have student housing?

Yes. The Wharton campus has dorms for males and females. Learn more about the dorms by visiting the housing page

14. What sports are offered at WCJC?

WCJC has a women’s volleyball team, a men’s baseball team, and a rodeo team for both men and women. Learn more by visiting the athletics page.

15. How do I get a WCJC catalog or class schedule?

Both catalogs and class schedules are available online.  Click on Catalogs and Schedules to find the most current information. 

16. Do I need to get a bacterial meningitis vaccination? 

All students under the age of 22 are required to provide proof of bacterial meningitis vaccination in order to be admitted as a student to WCJC.

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