Faculty and Staff

Willie L. Myles

Process Technology
Program Director/Instructor
Office: Bay City Campus, 104
Phone: 979-318-7356
Email:  mylesw@wcjc.edu

Mr. Myles received his Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from Alcorn State University and his Master's Degree in Science Technology from the University of Houston–Clear Lake in 2001.  He received his Research Certification from Brookhaven National Laboratory of Long Island, New York. He is the author/recipient of two United States patents on the behalf of the Dow Chemical Company, North America.

Mr. Myles worked for the Dow Chemical Company, North America for 30 years.  Corporate industrial experience includes: development research chemist, safety and health coordinator, site backup radiation safety officer, process control chemist for Vinyl Chloride manufacturing, analytical resource leader for K-Dow joint venture, supervisor of process tech intern students, and global quality leader for Dow North America Polypropylene Manufacturing Plant of Freeport, Texas. 

Mr. Myles served as a Dow Chemical training instructor. He primarily taught process chemistry for process and lab operators, statistical quality control for process operators, and enhancing team performance.  

David Pena

Part-Time Instructor, Process Technology
Office: Bay City Campus
Phone:(979) 318-7355
Email:  earnestp@wcjc.edu

Mr. Pena has been working in the Petro Chemical industry for over twenty-six years and is currently a Process Specialist/Training Coordinator.  Mr. Pena was a Process Operator for several years before becoming a Training Coordinator, where he developed Computer Based Training for every process area.  Mr. Pena is a Process Specialist and is currently responsible for the regulatory and job specific training for the plant.  Mr. Pena has been a part-time Instructor for Wharton County Junior College since 1998, primarily teaching Process Technology III-Plant Operations.

Jesse B. Shindler

Part-Time Instructor, Process Technology
Office: Bay City Campus
Phone: (979) 318-7355
Email:  shindlerj@wcjc.edu

Mr. Shindler graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Education from Stephen F. Austin State University.  Mr. Shindler began his career with an oilfield service company, and in 1977 began working at Phillips Petroleum Company.  Mr. Shindler has worked as a board certified operator on all process systems at the petrochemical and refinery complex.  Mr. Shindler is involved in the Process Safety Management Standard of developing Process Specific and Job Specific (procedures) training modules.

Rudolph Henry

Nuclear Power Technology Program Director
Instructor, Process Technology
Office: Bay City Campus, Room 102
Phone: (979) 318-7365
Email:  henryr@wcjc.edu

Mr. Henry received his Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering Technology–Electronics Specialty from Texas A&M University and his Master's of Science degree in Process Monitoring and Controls from University of Houston–Clear Lake in 1985.

Mr. Henry has 29 years of industrial experience ranging from electrical/electronic project engineering, project supervision, quality control, and plant radiation safety officer.  His major industry projects included motor controls and drives, instrumentation and controls, crane controls, plant substation, power factor correction, and induction heating of steel.  Due to his interest in electrical power control and his work with Westinghouse IED in the development of power control algorithms for heating different steel alloys, the induction heating project became the field of research for his MS thesis titled, “Induction Through Heating of Steel Billets: A Study of a Solid State Controlled System", published and publicly defended in 1985.

His academic teaching career began with DeVry University in 2004 as an instructor of Electronics Technology and Electronics Engineering Technology courses.  In 2008, he became an instructor of Process Technology, teaching Instrumentation and Quality, at Wharton County Junior College. In 2009, he became the Program Director/Instructor of the Nuclear Power Technology program.  He completed 120 hours of faculty development/nuclear power plant training at the South Texas Project (STP) to ensure industry specific training and laboratory development for the Nuclear Power Technology program.  Continued research in electrical power, electric power quality, and professional organization participation has led to co-authored electrical industry standard (ANSI/IEEE C62.45-1987) and conference publication (ASEE-AC 2008-628).

Enas Casteneda

Part-Time Instructor, Process Technology
Office: Bay City Campus
Phone: (979) 318-7355
Email: castenedae@wcjc.edu

Mr. Castaneda has an Associate of Applied Science degree in Process Technology from Wharton County Junior College.  Mr. Casteneda has 36 years experience in refinery processes working with Phillips 66, Conoco Phillips and Chevron Phillips.  He teaches several of the courses within the Process Technology program as needed; including Introduction to Process Technology, Safety, Health and Environment, Process Technology I-Equipment, Instrumentation I & II, and Petrochemical Processes as a part-time instructor.

Kathleen Hunt

Part-Time Instructor, Process Technology
Office: Bay City Campus
Phone: (979) 318-7355

Ms. Hunt holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from Iowa State University.  Following graduation, she worked for 31 years in the natural gas and petrochemical industries.  During her employment with Natural Gas Pipeline of America (now part of Kinder Morgan Corp), she worked in the drilling and work-over of underground storage wells and reservoirs as well as construction and operation of gas compressor stations.  She then worked over 23 years with Union Carbide (now a subsidiary of Dow Chemical) as an environmental engineer, public affairs leader, and site learning leader.  During this time she became very active in education outreach.  A key accomplishment was serving as a member of the industry steering committee that helped establish the Process Technology program at Victoria College.  She currently serves as a member of their Process Technology Advisory Committee, and has served on their I&E Advisory Committee in the past, which helps her remain updated on industrial process technology and workforce needs.

After early retirement from Union Carbide in 2009, she obtained alternate teaching certificates in Physical Science (grades 8-12) and Technical Education (grades 6-12).  Ms. Hunt currently teaches at Industrial High School.  Her main courses include: Integrated Physics & Chemistry, Chemistry, Physics, Principles of Technology, and Engineering Design & Problem Solving.  Principles of Technology and Engineering Design & Problem Solving are currently articulated with Wharton County Junior College under the Advanced Technical Credit program.

When not working, Kathy loves to volunteer and cook.  She lives in Victoria in a home ruled by cats.

Ricky Schooler

Instructor, Process Technology
Office: Richmond Campus, TC-225A
Phone: (281) 239-1553
Mr. Schooler attended Wharton County Junior College and majored in Engineering.  He is a recognized industry expert in the field of process technology.  Mr. Schooler worked for the Phillips Petroleum Company for 36 years fulfilling various job roles such as:
  • Operator on Alkylation, Hydrogenation, Isomerization, Fractionation, Sulfur, MTBE and FCC/HOC Cat Cracker units, working 15 years as stillman (lead operator) in these areas
  • Operations Trainer Specialist
  • Developed Job Models for Operation:
                   -General Operator Soft Skills
                   -General Operator Duties/Fundamentals
                   -Process Operating Procedures
                   -Operate/Maintain Rotating Equipment
                   -Operate/Maintain Fixed Equipment
                   -Operate/Maintain Process Instrumentation
                   -Process Technology Fundamentals
                   -Turnaround Process Knowledge/Skills
He currently serves as a Phillips 66 Company Process Consultant.
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