Course Descriptions

CTEC 1401      Applied Petrochemical Technology    

Instruction in the basic principles of physics and their application to process facilities.  Topics include physical laws and properties and how these relate to the operation of processes.     Prerequisite:  Credit for or concurrent enrollment in MATH 1314

CTEC 1480     Cooperative Education-Chemical Technology/Technician      

Career-related activities encountered in the student's area of specialization offered through an individualized agreement among the college, employer, and student.  Under the supervision of the college and the employer, the student combines classroom learning with work experience.  Includes a lecture component.  Class time will focus on work related topics such as safety, self-initiative, goal setting, time management, leadership, communication, team skills, and continuous improvement.  Students may register in only one co-op class per semester and it must be approved by both the employer offering the co-op and WCJC.  The employer will usually select from second year students who have completed a minimum of 30 semester hours toward the PTAC degree and have satisfactorily completed the company's tests and interviews.  The student will work at the facility during the day, averaging at least 20 hours per week, and is paid a commensurate rate (approximately 80% of entry level).  
Prerequisite: Credit for or concurrent enrollment in PTAC 2420 and approval of Program Director and Co-op employer

PTAC 1302     Intro to Process Technology      

An introduction overview of the various processing industries.  Introduction to chemical and refinery plant operations.  Topics include process technician duties, responsibilities and expectations, plant organizations, plant process and utility systems, and the mental requirements of the process technician.  
Prerequisite:  TSI Reading and Math requirements met  or concurrent enrollment in INRW 0307 and/or MATH 0308 

PTAC 1408     Safety, Health & Environment      

An overview of safety, health, and environmental issues in the performance of all job tasks.  Development of knowledge and skills to reinforce the attitudes and behaviors required for safe and environmentally sound work habits. Emphasis on safety, health, and environmental issues in the performance of all job tasks and regulatory compliance issues.  
Prerequisite:  TSI Reading requirement met or concurrent enrollment in INRW 0307

PTAC 1410     Process Technology I - Equipment    

Introduction to the use of common processing equipment.  Students will learn to use appropriate terminology to describe components of process equipment, describe basic functions of process equipment, and relate scientific principles associated with process equipment.     Prerequisite:  PTAC 1302

PTAC 1432     Process Instrumentation I      

Study of the instruments and control systems used in the process industry including terminology, process variables, symbology, control loops and basic troubleshooting. 
Prerequisite:  Credit for or concurrent enrollment in PTAC 1302 or ENER 1350 or INMT 1305

PTAC 1454     Industrial Processes      

The study of the common types of industrial processes.  This course will examine some of the major types of process units in chemical and refining industries; and the generic procedures for startups, shutdowns, normal and abnormal operations for these units.  Processes covered will include polyethylene (loop, CSTR and fixed bed), hydrogen reforming, syn gas reforming, crude distillation, catalytic cracking (FCCU), olefin (specifically ethylene) production, hydrotreating/desulfurization (HT/HDS and CCR) mercaptin treating and sulfur recovery units.  MUST be taken if not selected for CTEC 1380.     Prerequisite:  PTAC 1410 and PTAC 1432

PTAC 2314     Principles of Quality      

Study of the background and application of quality concepts. Topics include team skills, quality tools, statistics, economics, and continuous improvement.  NOTE: Course may be taken in any semester of the program.     Prerequisite:  TSI requirements met

PTAC 2420     Process Technology II - Systems      

A study of the various process systems, including related scientific principles.  
Prerequisite:  PTAC 1410 and PTAC 1432

PTAC 2438     Process Technology III - Operations (Capstone Course)      

This course emphasizes activities associated with the hands-on operation of process equipment.  Topics include typical duties of an operator.  
Prerequisite:  PTAC 1410 and PTAC 1432 or concurrent enrollment in PTAC 2420 

PTAC 2446     Process Troubleshooting (Capstone Course)      

Instruction in the different types of troubleshooting techniques, procedures, and methods used to solve process problems. Topics include application of data collection and analysis, cause-effect relationships and reasoning.  
Prerequisite:  Credit for or concurrent enrollment in PTAC 2420
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