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Business and Office Administration

Business Office Technology

Careers can be found in almost                 

any job market -                                                              

          - banks                                                                                         

          - retail

          - health                                                          

          - government                                                

          - etc.

Offices need employees with computer skills, organization skills, people skills - which is what our program prepares you for!                                            

If you like:

Dealing with people (customer service)


Dealing with numbers (accounting, bookkeeping)


Working with computers (data entry, bookkeeping)


Multi-tasking (secretary, administrative assistant)


Being someone’s right hand person (executive secretary)

then our program is for you!

The mission of the Business Office Technology Department is to prepare students for entry level careers in the field of office administration through Certificates and Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree programs.

The AAS degree in Business Office Technology includes a combination of courses and practical experiences concerning communication skills, accounting, generally accepted office procedures, and in-depth knowledge of most of the commonly used software in today’s modern offices including Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat, and QuickBooks.  Graduates in this program are prepared to work as office administrators, administrative assistants, secretaries, word processors, accounting assistants, bookkeepers, cashiers, tellers, payroll specialists, and in other related occupations depending on the area of specialization.

Students can obtain a one semester Office Specialist certificate, a one semester Payroll Specialist certificate, an Administrative Assistant one-year certificate and/or a two-year Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree in Business Office Technology.

Students may choose to begin in the Office Specialist certificate or Payroll Specialist certificate because these Level 1 Certificates are TSI exempt.

If a student successfully completes the Office Specialist certificate or the Payroll Specialist certificate and decides to continue with the Administrative Assistant certificate or the Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree in Business Office Technology, the certificate courses will transfer to the AAS degree.

Business Administration

The mission of the Business Administration AA Degree is to prepare students for transfer to upper-level universities in the field of business and accounting through Associate of Arts degree program.

The Business Office Technology Department currently offers the Business Administration Associates of Arts (AA) degree.


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