Course Descriptions

CETT 1321      Electronic Fabrication      3:3:1

A study of electronic circuit fabrication techniques including printed circuit boards, wire wrapping, bread boarding, and various soldering techniques.

Skill in techniques of electronic equipment fabrication is gained through layout and construction of a complete unit. Component recognition, schematic symbols, soldering, wire wrapping, ESD considerations, and re-work techniques for discrete, leaded, and surface-mount components. IPC-A-610B training.

Prerequisite: None
Type: Tech

CETT 1331      Programming for Discrete Devices           3:3:1

Introduction to a high level programming language such as BASIC, PASCAL, or “C”. Topics include structured programming and problem solving and how they apply to technical applications. Lecture and lab programming practice using Python.

Prerequisites: None
Type: Tech

CETT 1341     Solid State Circuits          3:3:1

A study of various semiconductor devices incorporated in circuits and their applications. 

Emphasis on circuit construction, measurements, and analysis.  Multistage transistor amplifiers, common‑collector circuits; power amplifiers; amplifier class A, B, and C configurations; FET circuits; thyristors; amplifier frequency response; and basic linear operational amplifier circuits.

Prerequisite: CETT 1429
Type: Tech

CETT 1345      Microprocessor          3:2:4

An introductory course in microprocessor software and hardware; its architecture, timing sequence, operation, and programming; discussion of appropriate software diagnostic language and tools.

Includes the organization, construction, and application of stored program LSI computers, both hardware and software; microprocessor architecture: processor, memory, I/O; the bus concept, RAM, and ROM, instruction sets for processors, programming and I/O for open-and closed-loop control, and the laboratory application of concepts using systems with extensive troubleshooting experience.  

Prerequisite/Co/requisite: CETT 1425 and ELMT 1301
Type: Tech

CETT 1403     DC Circuits           4:3:3

A study of the fundamentals of direct current including Ohm's law, Kirchhoff's laws and circuit analysis techniques.

Emphasis on circuit analysis of resistive networks and DC measurements. Voltage, current, resistance, Ohm's Law, Kirchhoff's Voltage and Current Laws, Thevenin, Norton, superposition, and maximum power transfer theorems. Laboratory use of components, meters, power supplies, and oscilloscope.

Prerequisite/Co-requisite: Credit or Concurrent enrollment in MATH 1314 or higher level math
Type: Tech

CETT 1405     AC Circuits            4:3:3

A study of the fundamentals of alternating current including series and parallel AC circuits, phasors, capacitive and inductive networks, transformers, and resonance.

Sinusoidal steady‑state circuit analysis using complex numbers, in­ductance, capacitance, RL and RC time constants, transformers, reso­nance, filters, and frequency response. Laboratory realization of lecture topics.

Prerequisite: CETT 1403 and credit or concurrent enrollment in MATH 1316
Type: Tech

CETT 1425     Digital Fundamentals           4:3:3

An entry-level course in digital electronics covering number systems, binary mathematics, digital codes, logic gates.

Includes binary mathematics, digital codes, and Karnaugh maps with emphasis on circuit logic analysis and troubleshooting digital circuits, an introduction to flip flops, laboratory realization of logic circuits using TTL and CMOS gates and laboratory use of logic probes, meters, and oscilloscopes for digital troubleshooting.

Prerequisite/Co-requisite: Credit or concurrent enrollment in MATH 1314 or higher
Type: Tech

CETT 1429      Solid State Devices         4:3:3

A study of diodes, transistor characteristics and other semiconductor devices, including analysis of static and dynamic characteristics, biasing techniques, and thermal considerations.

Includes basic power-supply design and application, linear and switching circuits, and laboratory realization of lecture topics.

Prerequisite/Co-requisite: CETT 1403 and credit or concurrent enrollment in MATH 1316 or higher
Type: Tech

CETT 1457      Linear Integrated Circuits          4:3:3

A study of the characteristics, operations, and testing of linear integrated circuits. Applications include instrumentation and active filtering.

Also covers the stabilization, testing, and feedback techniques of linear integrated circuits and computation, measurements, instrumentation, and active filtering application. 

Prerequisites/Co-requisite: CETT 1405 and CETT 1429.
Type: Tech

CETT 2349      Research and Project Design          3:2:2

Capstone Course

Principles of electrical/electronic design encompassing schematics, wiring diagrams, materials lists, operating characteristics, completion schedules, and cost estimates.

The student will be required to plan and develop a project consisting of research, design, layout, construction and operation of an electrical-mechanical project.  A formal written report and a demonstration and presentation of process and results are required.  This course is intended to provide a Capstone experience for graduating Electronics Engineering Technology students.   

Prerequisites: Electronics major expecting completion of all Electronics courses in the current semester.

Type: Tech

EECT 2339      Communication Circuits       3:2:4

A study of communications systems with emphasis on amplitude modulation, frequency modulation, phase modulation, and digital pulse modulation; discussion of several types of modulators, de-modulators, receivers, transmitters, and transceivers. 

Laboratory realization of lecture topics.

Prerequisites: CETT 1403 and CETT 1425
Type: Tech

ELMT 1301     Programmable Logic Controllers     3:3:1

An introduction to programmable logic controllers as used in industrial environments including basic concepts, programming, applications, troubleshooting of ladder logic, and interfacing of equipment.

Laboratory experience in programming and interfacing commercial PLCs.

Prerequisites: None
Type: Tech

ELMT 2433       Industrial Electronics           4:3:3

Devices, circuits, and systems primarily used in automated manufacturing and/or process control including computer controls and interfacing between mechanical, electrical, electronic, and computer equipment. Includes a presentation of programming schemes.

Analog and digital control loops and their application in process control and robotics, microprocessors for control and monitoring, sensing devices for pressure, level, flow, temperature, and position, signal  processing, and A/D and D/A conversion, feedback, and servos.  Laboratory work includes microprocessor and robotics interfacing and control circuits.

Prerequisite: CETT 1405 and CETT 1429 and CETT 1345
Type: Tech

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