Archived Curriculum

(72 semester credit hours)

An Associate of Applied Science degree program offered by the
Division of Technology and Business.

Organized learning experiences leading to the Associate of Applied Science degree include theory and laboratory work as each relates to planning, produc­ing, testing, assembling, installing, and maintaining electronic equip­ment: communications, industrial electronics, computer and computer interfaces, digital systems, robotic equipment, PLCs, and microprocessors. Program emphases are on system and component level troubleshooting, device characteristics, and circuits. Instruction is designed to develop knowledge, understanding, and skills essential for employment in industries rely­ing on electronic means for communication, transport, manufacturing and process control, information processing, and in most electronic service occupations.

The program in electronics technology provides work-place experiences recommended by the U.S. Department of Labor Secretary's Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills (SCANS).

All students entering CETT 1403 or CETT 1425 must be enrolled in or have credit for MATH 1314.

Students may begin the program in the Fall Semester or in the Spring Semester. Students entering in the Spring will take CETT 1321 the following Fall.

Students must earn a grade of "C" or better in the program capstone course (CETT 2349) in order to graduate.

Credit for at least 72 hours is required to receive the AAS degree in Electronics Engineering Technology.

Course Course Title Sem. Hours
Freshman Year, Fall Semester
CETT 1321 Electronic Fabrication 3
ENGL 1301 Composition I 3
MATH 1314* College Algebra 3
Social/Behavioral Sciences elective 3
  12 semester hours

*The student may enroll for Math 2312 and 2413 (Calculus) if he or she is qualified.

Course Course Title Sem. Hours
Freshman Year, Spring Semester
CETT 1403 D. C. Circuits 4
CETT 1425 Digital Fundamentals 4
ENGL 2311 Technical Report Writing 3
MATH 1316 Trigonometry 3
  14 semester hours
Freshman Year, Fall Semester
CETT 1405 A. C. Circuits 4
CETT 1429 Solid State Devices 4
CETT 1449 Digital Systems 4
Humanities or Performing/Visual Arts elective 3
  15 semester hours
Sophomore Year, Spring Semester
CETT 1331 Programming for Discrete Devices 3
CETT 1341 Solid State Circuits 3
CETT 1445 Microprocessors 4
CETT 1457 Linear Integrated Circuits 4
EECT 1303 Introduction to Telecommunications 3
  17 semester hours
Sophomore Year, Fall Semester
ELMT 1301 Programmable Logic Controllers 3
ELMT 2433 Industrial Electronics 4
EECT 2439 Communications Circuits 4
CETT 2349 (CC) Research and Project Design 3
CC = Capstone Course 14 semester hours

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