Program Information


The primary mission of the Department of Psychology at Wharton County Junior College is to provide students with the basic tenets of the theoretical, scientific, and applied study of psychology. To this end the department seeks to:

  • facilitate the acquisition of knowledge inherent in the field of psychology and its importance in human endeavor
  • provide learning experiences that foster critical thinking skills
  • equip students with the basics of research methodology
  • prepare students for employment or further study


The second component of the mission of the Department of Psychology is to:

  • foster development of a learning  environment distinguished by excellence in instruction
  • provide students with relevant and current content in the field by maintaining faculty representing theoretical and applied interests
  • facilitate an understanding of psychology that reflects an integration of a variety of theoretical perspectives and the central role of science in understanding human behavior
  • increase understanding of behavior through the incorporated study of physiological systems, genetic influences, experiential and environmental factors, and social forces
  • contribute to and nurture the intellectual and cultural life of our communities by broadening perspectives among a diverse student body
  • serve as a link for well informed economic and workforce development



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