Program Information 

HistoryThe History Department of Wharton County Junior College has these purposes:

  • To provide the student with an understanding of the development of American History (1301).

  • To provide the student with a working knowledge of the evolution of the U. S. in perspective to the global community (1302).

  • To facilitate a greater understanding of citizenship among students (both courses).

The objectives used to reach these goals include:

  • Cultivate students analytical thinking skills regarding the development of American History (1301) and its evolution into the context of the present day (1302).

  • Increase students basic ability to identify and to understand the primary components of historical development.

  • To ensure that students understand the cyclical principals of history with relation to the past and present (1301, 1302).

  • Build students basis of understanding of the U. S. and its history in relation to the global community.
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