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The primary goals of the WCJC Geography program include the following:

  • To develop in the student an appreciation for and knowledge of the ways in which humans have used and adapted to the physical environments of the earth.

  • To enable the student to understand how culture is created and how it develops and is influenced by the physical environment as well as how humans have overcome difficulties.

  • To provide the student with knowledge of how people make a living, how they use their physical resources (land, soils, minerals), and how climate affects human activity.

  • To foster in the student the ability to think intelligently about the physical environment and the resulting cultures so that the student will have empathy and appreciations for cultures that are greatly different from his or her own culture and perceive the universal aspirations of all humanity.

  • To equip the students with the ability to read and interpret maps in order to locate the countries and cities of the world, the physical features of the continents-rivers, lakes, mountains, forested areas, and plains.   Map location work and study will provided the students with a larger and broadened spatial perception of the earth.
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