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Division of Math and Physical Sciences


The Division is comprised of three departments:

Mathematics, College Readiness Mathematics, and the Physical Sciences: Chemistry, Physics, and Engineering.

The mission of the Mathematics Department is to provide university-transfer classes and math courses for each of WCJC’s programs that require mathematics. Courses are provided to fulfill the requirements of students who anticipate pursuing one of the following courses of study: (1) major in mathematics or in related fields or science or engineering; (2) major in business, vocations, or technology; or (3) major in liberal arts or education (including math as a teaching field).

The College Readiness (CR) Department’s primary mission is to prepare students for
college-level math. This program is critical in support of the college’s focus on persistence, retention, and matriculation.

The goal of the Chemistry, Physics, and Engineering department is to serve as a resource center for students that are STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) majors by preparing transfer students for upper division coursework in the STEM disciplines; fulfill the lab science component of the associate of arts, associate of arts in teaching, and associate of applied science degrees; foster general science literacy in order to meet the lab science component of the general education Core curriculum; and to provide career/vocational curricula required for specific certificates and associate degrees such as process technology, nursing, manufacturing technology, nuclear power technology, and computer science simulation and gaming.


Contact Information:
Jennifer Mauch
Division Chair, Math and Physical Sciences
Administration Building, Room 112
Wharton County Junior College
911 Boling Highway
Wharton, Texas 77488

Kerrie Cunningham
Division Secretary, Math and Physical Sciences 
Office: Wharton Campus, A-112

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