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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Continuing Education (CE)?

Continuing Education provides noncredit training and educational opportunities to the community as well as local industry. Upon successful completion of required contact hours in a CE course, a student will receive a certificate of completion and CEUs rather than college credit. One CEU is equal to 10 contact hours of successful completion in Continuing Education course or program. CE classes may be listed on a college transcript but do not effect students GPA.

What are the requirements for taking Continuing Education courses?

Completing an ApplyTexas application is not required for enrollment in CE courses or programs. Some CE programs require an application and additional documents for acceptance. Please refer to each individual program for a list of requirements. 

Where can I find a current Continuing Education course schedule?

For a current list of CE offerings visit the CE Schedule page. 

How do I register and pay for a Continuing Education course?

Our How to Register page can provide you with information regarding CE registration and payment. 

Are Continuing Education courses and programs eligible for financial aid?

At this time there are no financial aid options available to CE students.

Can I check the status of a Continuing Education course that I am registered for?

Students may contact the CE department by phone at 281-239-1531 or by e-mail at CE@wcjc.edu to check the status of a class.

What if a class I’ve registered for has been cancelled?

Continuing Education courses may be cancelled due to low enrollment or other extenuating circumstances. In the event of a cancellation, each registered student will be contacted using the information provided on the CE Registration Form. If a class is cancelled, any student registered in the course will receive a full refund in the form of check within 7 to 14 business days. Checks will be mailed to the address provided on the CE Registration Form.

Will I be notified of changes to my CE schedule?

CE reserves the right, when necessary, to cancel classes, alter schedules, or substitute instructors. In the event that a course is cancelled or a schedule is altered students will be notified using the information provided on the CE Registration Form.

What is Continuing Education refund policy?

Students seeking a refund must submit a request in writing to the CE Department at least three business days prior to the first class day unless an earlier refund date is published. The Continuing Education Department will process the request and the business office will issue the refund. Refunds will be received within 7 to 14 business days and are sent in the form of a check to the mailing address provided on the CE Registration Form.

Will I receive a 1098T for Continuing Education tuition?

Based on the Federal IRS tax laws, Continuing Education tuition does not qualify for a 1098T tax credit.

What is a mirrored course?

A mirror course provides students who are not seeking a certification or degree with the opportunity to obtain training and master learning objectives covered in a credit course but as a noncredit student. Students who mirror a course will earn CEUs and a certificate of completion rather than college credit. Attendance in all class sessions, participation in classroom lecture/discussion, and completion of assignments/assessments are expected. Student enrollment will follow the CE registration process and students will not be required to apply through Apply Texas or be TSI (Texas Success Initiative) satisfied. To register for a mirror course, an individual selects the specific course and section then contacts the Continuing Education Department.

How do I obtain a parking permit?

Please refer to the WCJC Office of Security and Public Safety's Parking Information page.

Does Continuing Education offer services for students with disabilities?

The Continuing Education Department operates under all policies set forth by Wharton County Junior College in regards to students with disabilities. It is the responsibility of students with a disability to voluntarily and confidentially disclose information regarding the nature and extent of the disability. Wharton County Junior College does not assume responsibility for providing special accommodations and services to students who have not identified themselves as having a qualifying disability and who have not made their need known. 

Specific disability services are based on individual needs and circumstances to initiate services. Students should contact the Coordinator of Disability Services at 979-532-6384.

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