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Drug and Alcohol Awareness

Willie Myles, MEd,
Class Instructor,
Wharton County Junior College

Course Outline

Introduction of course
Alcohol and Drug Abuse Risk Factors
Alcohol /Alcoholism and Drugs/ Drug dependency and their effect on individuals and families
The cost of Abuse and Addiction
The DUI Problem in America
Understanding Narcotics, Stimulants, Prescriptions, Marijuana, Methamphetamine
Health Risks of Alcohol and Drug Use
How Drugs effect the Brain, Central Nervous System and Body
Drugs and their effects on driving when used separately and/or in combination with alcohol
Physiological and pharmacological effects of alcohol and drugs
Blood-alcohol concentration (BAC) reading and it's effects on driving and functioning
Risk Factors for Men and Women
Communication Skills as Prevention
Skills in Stress Management
Consequences and Risks of use with Minors
Understanding Use, Abuse, Addiction, Relapse and Prevention
Assistance for alcohol and drug abuse problems

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