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Read testimonials given by former students and teachers here. Use our Table of Contents to quickly and easily navigate the page:

Certified Nurse Aide Training Program

"One of the best choices I made because now I have a feel of the medical field. Trained well from start to finish." --Marisol C.

"I didn't know I could do it. This was a great experience but with someone who is dedicated AND knowledgeable about the health world. I made it!!!"  --Carolyn A.

"It was an excellent course, very education, hands on and worth taking." --Ilda F.

"I believe everyone should continue their education. There is always something more we can learn. I hope more people will continue to take these classes. You learn so much. I know I am so glad I took the class." --Kristy C.

"Being that I love what I do for a living which is caring for individuals or persons of illness and/or disabilities, it's very important to be trained adequately and that is why I chose WCJC. They provide the best CE Program for CNA. Thank you." --Amanda C.

Child Development

"I learned how to help children in the classroom every day I was in class." --Ana G., Supporting Children's Social and Emotional Development

"The CDA classes really refreshed my mind. They gave me the terms and techniques needed to understand my job." --Elida G.

Computers and Technology

"Mrs. Armstrong is such a wonderful, delightful, and knowledgeable instructor. She is also an absolute computer expert. I looked forward to going to each and every class and can't wait until I get the pleasure of taking another class from her. I can't say enough good things about her! Thank you!" --Jeff E., Keyboarding

"I am delighted that F.B.T.C would offer me the opportunity to utilize my time being productive in some type of higher training. Thanks." --Amber L., Beginning Computers

"I never knew how to use a computer and this class taught me all I ever needed to know." --Eva M., Beginning Computers

"This class was very education and well taught by the instructor. I was able to learn a lot from this class." --Alejandro M., Beginning Computers

"The Keyboarding class with Mrs. Armstrong was a great experience. I never knew how easy and fun learning can be!" --Sarmad Q., Keyboarding

"In six classes, I not only learned the letter keys, but I can type 12-13 words a minute. Thank you!" --Walter J., Keyboarding

"Loved the class, loved the instructor. Thank you for the opportunity." --Inez W., Keyboarding

"Mrs. Armstrong is the best teacher I have ever had! She changed my life. I recommend she receives a pay raise." --Richard M., Keyboarding

"I was already advanced with computers and this class showed me things about Microsoft Office 2010 that I didn't know." --Jerrius B., Introduction to Microsoft Office Suite 2010

"This course was very informative. It teaches you Microsoft programs that are necessary for the current job market." --Naomi W., Introduction to Microsoft Office Suite 2010

"I highly recommend taking this class to anyone who owns a business or works for a company that is interested in connecting with prospective clients. It was fun learning. Before the class, I had zero social media accounts. Now, I have 4 accounts and have made lots of fans and followers." --Trina E., Social Media for Business

"The Social Media for Business course was very insightful on strategies for marketing your business and staying connected with your customers." --Janice L., Social Media for Business

Health and Wellness

"Yoga is exercise for life. It never needs to end because it can help you in any and every stage of your life." --Jenny B., Yoga

Industry Training

"It gives me a purpose to do right." --Duong T., HVAC

"This course was both fun and educational and met my standards for education."--Sean Stevenson, HVAC

"I am very grateful for this opportunity to be part of this program, and give sincere thanks to all concerned." --Kenneth R., HVAC

"Mr. Jeffrey's HVAC class made me believe in myself again! He is the best teacher ever!" --Richard M., HVAC

"This is a very enjoyable course and I recommend anyone who ahs any interest in AC work to take this course. Great teacher." --Matthew E., HVAC

"I am very thankful and appreciative to all those who made this possible and achievable." --Avis K., HVAC for Land Lords/Maten

"I really enjoyed taking this class and I can't wait to go to college and finish the full course. Thank you Mr. Jeffrey and WCJC for giving me something to look forward to and a chance to better my life." --Maurice S., Residential AC

"This course study has helped my knowledge in the field of construction along with build my confidence in achieving a brighter future." --Jody W., Residential AC

"It was a great learning experience, in which I'm very thankful to have obtained. God bless all who made it possible!" --Avis K., Residential AC

Medical Office Specialist

"This class is very interesting, and you learn so much." --Irma A.

"I am really glad there is a continuing education option for those who are not ready to attend college." --Alma O.

Online Courses

"The instructor and teaching assistant did an excellent job with this course! This course has given me the confidence to pursue a degree and career in accounting. The instructor's writing style makes the lessons easy to understand and there is help every step of the way. I made a 100% on my final exam and highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn the basics of accounting. Whether you are already working in the account field and need some understanding or like me, with no accounting experience at all, this course is for you!" --Jamie B., Accounting Fundamentals

"Great course! Loved it! Was exactly what I was looking and hoping for." --Laura D., Accounting Fundamentals

Pharmacy Technician Training Program

"This class was a lot more helpful than I honestly thought it would be. Ms. George is the nicest lady and really knows her information. I highly recommend this class to everyone!"  --Morgan G.

Phlebotomy Technician Training Program

"If you are wanting to be one step close to a nurse degree you should really take the phlebotomy class with WCJC. It is an awesome experience. The teacher is awesome and will you as much as needed. She will not let you fail!" --Paula G.

"I have made a choice to go back to school for a career change; Mrs. McCoy changed how I should proceed in being forward about the medical field. Very positive and real." --Leo T.

"Mrs. McCoy was a wonderful teacher for the phlebotomy course. She allowed the hands on experience needed for this field. Also, she cared about each of us passing and doing well." --Sara S.

"Through this course I am able to use the skills I've learned to provide a better life for my family." --Alexi W.

Test Preparation

"This class was awesome! It helped me remember certain things I forgot when I was in high school. The only thing I would change is the length of time of the course. Other than that, I was very satisfied and came out knowing much more!" --Perla H., ACT Test Preparation

"The Continuing Education Department is great for post-grad students who want a little more or some extra prep before our next steps in additional degrees."--Gabby K., GRE/GMAT Test Preparation

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