Program Curriculum

The Humanities curriculum is designed to guide students through a study of key issues and topics (e.g. art, movies, music, etc) related to the human condition. The current textbook (Sayre, Henry. Discovering the Humanities. 3rd edition) for Humanities 1301 takes a comprehensive chronological approach from prehistoric to modern times.  Although Wharton County Junior College does not offer a major in Humanities, all accredited bachelor’s degree programs require a certain number of Humanities hours for graduation.

Spanish is now the second most dominant language in the United States, so students who can speak Spanish have a definite advantage in the marketplace.  Students who want to major in Spanish, those who need an elective credit, and those who simply want to enrich their lives take Spanish at Wharton County Junior College.  Spanish 1411 and 1412 are taught at the freshman level, and Spanish 2311 and 2312 are taught at the sophomore level.  The textbook for all four courses is Vistas: Introduccion a la Lengua Espanola, Fourth Edition.


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