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The Department of Drama/Theatre offers several scholarship opportunities for new and returning students. These performing arts scholarships are designed to foster students in the areas of performance and technical theatre. Go to the Scholarships section under Financial Aid in the College Catalog to see the endowment awards. Award amounts vary.

These performance/production scholarships are awarded to interested and deserving students via an audition process. A completed application, brief resume, and recommendation letter must be on file with the department in order to qualify for an audition (see scholarship application for more details).

NOTE: The department asks that the student first apply for financial grants through the Financial Aid Office. 



Students accepting this scholarship will agree to the following requirements.

  • Enroll in a minimum of 12 semester (credit) hours. In doing so, the recipient must enroll in at least three (3) hours of theatre arts classes each semester.
  • Maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0
  • Attend ALL classes except in the case of illness, emergency, or instructor approval.  
  • Attend ALL rehearsals and performances except in the case of illness, emergency or instructor approval.
  • Complete cooperation with the Director and/or Instructors of Theatre/Drama and All WCJC faculty and staff.
    • Expected to audition and take on assignments for all WCJC dramatic productions.


The scholarship recipient is expected to have the following Drama/Theatre courses before transferring to college or university:

  •  Theater Practicum (DRAM 1120, 1121, 2120 and 2121)
  •  Stagecraft I (DRAM 1330) and Stagecraft II (DRAM 2331)
  •  Acting I (DRAM 1351) and Acting II (DRAM 1352)
  •  Makeup (DRAM 1341)
  •  Supervise one element of costume, light, sound, props, publicity, house management,   construction, etc. for the spring semester.


Applications for  Scholarship:

Who is eligible?  

All incoming and returning students who wish to study theatre arts are eligible. These endowments are open to all students and all majors. Students who plan to major in drama/theatre will receive first consideration for awards.   PLEASE NOTE: Auditions are necessary to be considered for a departmental scholarship, but are NOT necessary for general admission into WCJC Theatre program. Dorm stipends are also awarded each year for those who qualify.


How do I apply?  

FIRST, contact the drama/theatre instructors.  You will then be asked to fill out a scholarship application, a brief resume outlining your theatrical accomplishments, and a letter of recommendation from a former theatre teacher and submit it to the department.


What do I audition with?  

Consider your strengths. Students who are most interested in performance opportunities should prepare two contrasting monologues, dramatic and comedic. Try to limit your audition material to no more than four minutes total. Students who are more interested in technical theatre may also prepare a three to five minute presentation of their work. Students are encouraged to show designs, working drawings, or pictures of their work.


What is considered?  

The most important part of the audition is how you present yourself and the pieces you perform, but there are other factors that will be considered. Your high school or college G. P. A., academic awards you may have received your previous experience in theatre are things that factor into the award decision. Also, potential conflicts such as work and/or class schedules will be discussed and evaluated.


Where and when will I audition?  

Scholarship auditions will take place on a day and time towards the end of the spring semester, in the Horton Foote Theatre, in the Duson-Hansen Fine Arts building on the Wharton Campus. If there is a conflict with this date, auditions can be scheduled depending on the availability of the instructors. Contact the theatre faculty for more information on the audition date and times.


How long will the audition take?    

For incoming students, it takes about 30 minutes. After you have presented your audition pieces, the drama/theatre faculty will talk with you about your future goals and explain how our program works.


What if I have any questions concerning this process?    

Please feel free to contact the Theatre department for more information.


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