Mission and Goals

Consistent with the mission of Wharton County Junior College, the Radiography Program will graduate students with an Associate of Applied Science. The program will afford the opportunity for individual growth, application of knowledge, and articulation to a baccalaureate degree program in the pursuit of continuous knowledge. Upon graduation from the program, the student will have the clinical, problem-solving, and communication skills equal to that of an entry-level radiologic technologist able to meet the needs of our community.

In fulfilling our mission statement, at the end of our program, students will:

  1. Be clinically prepared to practice as entry-level radiographers

  2. Demonstrate and practice professional growth and development.

  3. Be able to demonstrate communication skills both orally and written

  4. Be able to apply critical thinking and problem solving skills in a clinical setting

In fulfilling our mission statement the program will graduate an adequate amount of students to meet the needs of our community.

Student Learning Outcomes 

  • Students will demonstrate comprehensive knowledge of radiographic positioning.

  • Students will demonstrate knowledge and practice of radiation protection and patient saftey skills.

  • Students will document professional growth and development by exercising professionalism at the clinical site.

  • Students will engage in life-long learning activity.

  • Students will write a scholarly paper.

  • Students will orally present scholarly information to the class.

  • Students will demonstrate critical thinking and problems solving abilities at the clinical setting.

  • Students will evaluate radiographic images for proper technical quality.

Program Effectiveness Data is available at www.JRCERT.org and also on the Program Effectiveness Data Tab.

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