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Admissions Requirements

Information pertaining to admittance to the Radiologic Technology Program

1. Admission to WCJC:

a. Student must apply to WCJC through the Apply Texas Website (www.applytexas.org) and be fully accepted as a student to WCJC by the Radiologic Technology deadline (last Thursday in May).

2. Texas Success Initiative (TSI):

a. Students must have satisfied all components of Texas Success Initiative (TSI) before application. If you are unsure if you are TSI satisfied, contact the Office of Admissions and Registration.

3. Application to Radiologic Technology Program:

Potential students must complete application for admission to the Radiologic Technology Program.

4. Transcripts:

A transcript from each college attended, including WCJC, must be turned in with the Radiology Program application. **Students must have unofficial transcripts from each college attended even if other colleges appear on WCJC transcripts.

a. Registrar's Office (official copy)

b. Radiologic Technology Program (unofficial copy)

5. Transcript Evaluation Form:

a. If you have attended a college other than WCJC, then a transcript evaluation MUST be done. This request needs to be submitted prior to the program application. It is highly suggested that the request be submitted one semester prior to application deadline (fall semester). The form is located on the WCJC website (www.wcjc.edu), under Office of Admissions and Registration, Student forms, Request for degree/certificate evaluation. Fill the form out in ink and either mail or hand deliver to the Registrar's office at any WCJC campus. When the evaluation is complete, it will be emailed to you and a copy forwarded to the Radiologic Technology program. It is the student's responsibility to make sure the program received the evaluation prior to the application deadline.

 Applicant must submit the Degree Evaluation Request Form to the Office of the Registrar no less than 30 days prior to the Radiography application deadline.


6. Prerequisite Courses and GPA :(Prerequisite courses required prior to applying):

a. BIOL 2401 Human Anatomy and Physiology I

b. BIOL 2402 Human Anatomy and Physiology II

c. Applicant must submit proof of completion with the application packet due the last Thursday in May. The course grade must be a "C" or higher. There is no time frame on the prerequisite courses.

7. ACT Requirement:

a. A copy of your ACT scores with a composite of at least 18 Enhanced taken within the last five years. Preference is given to those who score 20 or higher. The written portion is not a requirement.

8. Work History:

a. Turn in a brief summary of work experience. Admissions points are given to those who have at least 6 months of medical experience including volunteering.

9. Age Requirement:

a. Applicant must be 18 years old by the first day of school (late August).

10. Write an Essay for Admissions into the Radiologic Technology Program.

a. Choose one of the following topics to write your essay:

A) Why Radiology is the career field you have chosen to pursue.

B) Define an adversity you have positively managed.

C) Describe with specifics your leadership ability.

This essay should contain the following criteria and will be awarded points for complete demonstration of stated criteria.

1. Minimum of one full page with 1" margin top, bottom, and sides, not to exceed two pages in length.

2. Times New Roman or Garamond font with 12 point type.

3. Reference to radiologic technology field with demonstration of research of the field and/or topic.

4. Personal statement of interest in imaging regardless of topic picked.

5. Paragraphs as appropriate, opening statement, body, and conclusion.

6. Name and title of paper in header

11. Forms signed :( Forms can be found in the application packet).

a. Essential Abilities of a Radiography (Technical Standards)

b. ARRT Eligibility Form

12. Hepatitis B Requirement:

Applicants must show proof of completion of the Hepatitis B vaccine series or serologic confirmation of immunity to Hepatitis B virus as a condition of full acceptance to the program.

If you have never had the Hepatitis B series, it will take six months to complete. You must start the first shot no later than February 1st and the entire series must be complete prior to the first day of class (late August). The student will be required to get a titer (antibody titer not antigen) to show proof of immunity.

If you had the Hepatitis B series as a child, it is recommended that you have the Hepatitis B titer (antibody not antigen) drawn to check the status of immunity. If the titer comes back negative, the applicant must re-start the series and have another titer drawn 2 months after the last immunization.

13. Information Session:

Attend one information session prior to May deadline. These sessions will be by appointment only beginning in January of each year. Please call 979-532-6391 and speak to the program secretary for details.

Due to the number of applicants and a limited number of spaces available, admission to the program is very competitive and meeting all of the criteria does not guarantee anyone admission to the program. Applicants should submit all necessary information on or before the last Thursday in May.

Prior to the stated deadline, applicants are encouraged to follow-up with the Radiology Program's secretary to determine if their application is complete.

Preference will be given to applicants who have college credit in the following non-radiology courses:

MATH 1314 (College Algebra)

ENGLISH 1301 (English Composition)

PSYCHOLOGY 2301 (Introduction to Psychology)

Language, Philosophy, & Culture, /OR Creative Arts (Refer to college catalog for recommended courses)

A student may gain entrance without completing all courses, but due to time constraints within the radiology program schedule it is highly recommended that all courses be completed prior to entrance into the program. Example: If a student is lacking a non-radiology course for instance, MATH 1314, the student may have to take a night course or winter/ may- mini course to complete. The radiology program is a full-time program and students must attend class M-F from 8am-5pm which will limit their access to day courses.

Please see the Admissions Data Form on the criteria for which applicants are selected into the program.

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