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Nuclear Power Technology Pathways


Nuclear Power Technology

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 Certificate  AAS

Nuclear Power Technology Certificates


The Non-Licensed Operator, Electrical Technician, or Instrumentation & Control Technician certificates are standalone or may be used as specialty enhancements to existing related degrees: Nuclear Power Technology, Process Technology, Manufacturing Technology or other AAS Degree by providing students more flexibility in their employment options.

The certificate programs meet requirements for ACAD 08-006 and prepare individuals to apply basic engineering technology principles, mechatronics, and other technical skills in support of maintenance and operational requirements of electrical, instrumentation and control, and mechanical equipment used in many sectors of industry; including power generation, chemical processing, manufacturing, and others.

Nuclear Power Technology AAS


This program is designed to prepare students for entry level employment in the nuclear/power generation industry and will provide the academic and technical competencies required. Students can obtain only one AAS Degree in one of four specialty areas: Non-Licensed Operator, Electrical Technician, Instrumentation & Control Technician, or Mechanical Technician. Students enrolled in the AAS degree have nuclear core coursework during the first two semesters and must then select a specialty track to complete the final two semesters of the program to complete the AAS degree.


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