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Process Technology Block Scheduling


Download the forms below and visit with the Program Director to complete the course registration. 


Academic Coursework

ENGL 1301    Composition I

MATH 1314    College Algebra

CHEM 1405    Introductory to Chemistry

Social/Behavioral Science

COSC 1301    Introduction to Computing

SPCH 1315    Public Speaking

Language, Philosophy, & Cultural OR Creative Arts

Associate of Applied Science


PTAC 1302    Introduction to Process Technology

PTAC 1408    Safety, Health, & Environment


PTAC 1410    Process Technology I-Equipment

PTAC 1432    Process Instrumentation


PTAC 2314    Principles of Quality

PTAC 2438    Process Technology III-Operations

PTAC 2420    Process Technology II-Systems

CTEC 1401   Applied Petrochemical Technology


PTAC 2446    Process Troubleshooting

PTAC 1454    Industrial Processes  OR

           CTEC 1480    Cooperative Educational-Chemical Technology/Technician


Block Program Outline-Bay City Campus


Block Program Outline-Richmond campus


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