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Electronics Engineering Technology Block Scheduling

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Academic Coursework

ENGL 1301    Composition I

MATH 1314    College Algebra

Social/Behavioral Science OR American History OR Government/Political Science

MATH 1316    Trigonometry

Language, Philosophy, & Cultural

Associate of Applied Science


CETT 1321    Electronic Fabrication

CETT 1331    Programming for Discrete Devices


CETT 1403    D. C. Circuits

CETT 1425    Digital Fundamentals

ELMT 1301    PLC


CETT 1405    A. C. Circuits

CETT 1429    Solid State Devices

EECT 2339    Communications Circuits

CETT 1345    Microprocessor


CETT 1341    Solid State Circuits

CETT 2349    Research & Project Design

CETT 1457    Linear Integrated Circuits

ELMT 2433    Industrial Electronics


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