March 28, 2023

More than 1,000 students from nearly two dozen schools participated in a recent UIL competition held at Wharton County Junior College's Wharton campus. WCJC is providing 114 scholarships for the event's top finishers. Pictured with WCJC President Betty McCrohan are Boling High School competitors. From left are Summer Clark, Bradley Hutchinson, WCJC President Betty McCrohan, Elise Sharp and Karli Joyce.

WHARTON, TEXAS – Wharton County Junior College has committed $126,000 worth of scholarships for top finishers in University Interscholastic League events. WCJC hosted the most recent competition, held March 24 on the Wharton campus. More than two dozen schools participated.

Each first place finisher from the UIL competition received a $1,000 scholarship to WCJC. Students who finished second received a $750 scholarship. A total of 114 students received scholarships.

“Providing these scholarships is the college’s way of recognizing outstanding achievement on the part of these UIL competitors,” said WCJC President Betty McCrohan. “We are excited to offer financial assistance to these students as a means of supporting their future educational goals.”

WCJC’s Dean of Student Success Lindsey McPherson said the scholarships issued this year will be utilized when the recipients enroll full-time at WCJC following high school graduation. More than 1,000 students participated and more than 150 WCJC faculty and staff members assisted with putting on the event.

Boling High School seniors Elise Sharp and Karli Joyce participated in the accounting competition, their first UIL experience.

“I am super excited to try something new for my senior year and hopefully I will be successful,” Sharp said.

“It’s interesting to be here because it’s fun to meet new people,” Joyce added.

Sharp and Joyce will both graduate in May and already have plans to attend four-year universities. Boling freshman Bradley Hutchinson, a social studies competitor, will begin his educational career at WCJC once he finishes high school. Hutchinson is the son of WCJC Instructor of Psychology Jodie Hutchinson.

“This is my second time doing UIL and I really enjoy it,” he said.

Boling junior Summer Clark, the daughter of WCJC’s Assistant Director of Student Records Emily Voulgaris, competed in calculator applications during the event. She will likely go to college out of state once she graduates. She said spending the day at her mother’s workplace was a special treat.

“It’s been a lot of fun,” she said, adding with a grin, “and they have donuts here.”

WCJC has hosted the event since 1973.