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SERVICE MINDED - WCJC faculty and staff receive honors for years of service

June 19, 2020



 SERVICE MINDED - WCJC faculty and staff receive honors for years of service - Jeffery

WCJC's Faculty of the Year is Jennifer Jeffery, an Instructor of Biology.


SERVICE MINDED - WCJC faculty and staff receive honors for years of service - Mata

The Support Staff of the Year is Victor Mata, a Shipping and Receiving Clerk.


WHARTON, TEXAS – Wharton County Junior College employees are being recognized for their dedicated service to the college. Awards are usually announced at the college’s annual employee banquet, but that event was cancelled this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Faculty of the Year recipient is Jennifer Jeffery, an Instructor of Biology. The Support Staff of the Year is Victor Mata, a Shipping and Receiving Clerk.

“WCJC’s employees are dedicated professionals who bring a high level of expertise to their chosen fields,” said WCJC President Betty McCrohan. “It is an honor to work around such remarkable individuals and I congratulate each of them for being a part of our wonderful team.”

College employees earning recognition for their years of service include:

  • Five years – Derek De La Pena, Instructor of Psychology; Rose Ochoa, Student Services Specialist; William Johnson, Instructor of Sociology; Tina Kollmann, Testing Technician; Mary Koczanowski, Marketing and Communications Coordinator; Sarah Kresta, Allied Health Secretary; Shawna Lindsey, Instructor of Associate Degree Nursing; Joy Magowan, Instructor of English; Robin Matzke, Instructor of Health Information Technology; Mervat Mickael, Academic Advising Specialist; Christopher Ramsey, Coordinator of Testing Services; Marissa Saenz, Public Services Librarian; Grady Smith, Instructor of Law Enforcement; Daniel Terronez, Director of Security and Public Safety; and Sean Valdez, Instructor of Biology.
  • Ten years – Dawn Aldana, Online Instructor of Psychology; Shayna Guerra, TRIO SSS Success Advisor/Coordinator; Andrew Berezin, Instructor of Biology; Johnson Cherukara, Instructor of Biology; James Conner, Instructor of Speech/Speech Department Head; Susan Fendley, Senior Research Analyst; Philip Hamlin, Instructor of Electrical Technology; Suzan King, Online Instructor of English; Lea Anna Kostelnik, Administrative Assistant to Vice President of Technology; Stephen Laitkep, Electrician; Willie Myles, Instructor of Process Technology/Process Technology Program Director; Patrick Ralls, Instructor of Speech/Communications and Fine Arts Division Chair; Corrine Reutter, Instructor of Associate Degree Nursing; Celine Siewert, Instructor of Accounting/Business Office Technology Program Director; and Kelly Wallace, Instructor of Physical Therapy/Physical Therapist Assistant Program Director.
  • Fifteen years – Richard Aurisano, Instructor of Geology; Amy Conover, Instructor of Associate Degree Nursing; Candace Doriski, Instructor of Biology; Kelly Eldridge, Instructor of Psychology; Veronica Garcia, Instructional Specialist/Library Lab Coordinator; Linda Griffith, Instructor of History; Deborah Popek, Assistant Director of Human Resources; Priscilla Salas, Financial Aid Counselor;
  • Twenty years – Jane Booker, Colorado County Head Site Manager for the Senior Citizens Program; Judith Jones, Director of Human Resources, EEO, Equity and Diversity; Michelle Smith, Division Secretary to Vocational Science; and Pamela Speights, Instructor of Speech.
  • Twenty-five years – Zina Carter, Director of Marketing, Communications and Advancement; McCoy Davis, Groundskeeper; and Michael Feyen, Director of Facilities Management.
  • Thirty years – Nora Chalue, Assistant to the Controller; Jacqueline Kuehn, Instructor of Cosmetology/Cosmetology Program Director; Cheryl Machicek, Senior Marketing and Communications Specialist; and Nora McCarthy, Instructor of Computer Science.
  • Forty years – Carol Derkowski, Instructor of Dental Hygiene/Dental Hygiene Program Director/Allied Health Division Chair.


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