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WHARTON, Texas -- Wharton County Junior College received notification this evening that the Richmond Police Department did not find evidence of a shooter at its Richmond campus. 

Earlier this evening, the Richmond Police Department was notified of a potential shooter on the Richmond campus. Richmond police and other law enforcement agencies evacuated students and canvassed the buildings before officially notifying college officials that they did not find evidence of a shooter at the scene.  

The college’s emergency notification system was utilized to alert students and employees of the potential shooter, to shelter in place, and to make them aware that law enforcement was on the campus.

Early in the evening, an instructor teaching a class at the Richmond campus along with some of their students thought that they heard gun shots.  The instructor followed college protocol for an active shooter by locking the classroom door, turning off the lights, and directing students to shelter in place.  The instructor also directed one of the students in the classroom to call 911 to report what they had heard.

The Richmond Police Department and other law enforcement agencies responded to the scene and worked to evacuate students and employees and canvassed the campus at least two times.  The Richmond Police Department issued an all clear notice to the WCJC Director of Security and Public Safety. Students and employees were then allowed to return to the buildings.

The college will have counselors on campus on Tuesday, Nov. 13 to assist students as requested.



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