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The Wharton, Bay City, Richmond, and Sugar Land campuses have WCJC Wi-Fi available for students, employees, and guests. The available Wi-Fi connections are as follows:

WCJC Guest is an open, unsecured wireless connection. It is similar to what you might find at a Starbucks or other public network location and does not require any logon credentials. However, as with any public wireless connection, any private data that passes over the network is not protected. This connection is not intended to be used by WCJC students and employees.

  • Using WCJC Guest
    Find the “WCJC Guest” network in your wireless network list and connect to it. Once you are connected to it, open up your web browser and click “Continue to the Internet”.

WCJC Students is a secured wireless connection, which requires a security key. It will provide a secure environment for your private data. WCJC Students can be used with computers and many mobile devices.

  • Using WCJC Students
    Find the “WCJC Students” network in your wireless network list and connect to it. A dialogue box will appear. Type the security key that was delivered to your WCJC Student e-Mail. Once the security key is validated, open your web browser, and click “Continue to the Internet”.

WCJC Faculty-Staff is a secured wireless connection allowing access to the WCJC network. This connection is only available to WCJC employees using a WCJC owned device and requires your assigned computer logon credentials.

  • Using WCJC Faculty-Staff
    Devices will be set-up by WCJC’s IT Helpdesk. WCJC employees are to follow the Faculty/Staff Wifi Procedures to connect WCJC owned devices.


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