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MyWCJC Portal

The MyWCJC link on the WCJC homepage continues its transformation providing Single Sign On (SSO) access to Student eMail, Faculty/Staff eMail, and Online Services. Additional icons with login instructions for each are also available on the new landing page.

To Access MyWCJC
Go to the WCJC Homepage at www.wcjc.edu and click the “MyWCJC” icon  just under the search field at the top of the page                   

  1. The Portal Login page will appear.
    • Employees login using your Network username and password.
    • Student login using your WCJC Student email (not including the @student.wcjc.edu) and your password is your student email password.
  1. The Portal landing page will appear
    • Information on each Icon will indicate if additional login information is needed.

Additional Information:

First Time Users

The First Time Users link is used to create a chosen password for new users. For additional information, click How to Create a Chosen Password for First Time Users.

Logging in for the First Time

The first time you log into the new MyWCJC portal, you will be required to complete your account setup. For additional information, click How to Setup MyWCJC Account.

Reset Password or Recover Username

To recover a forgotten password or username, use Forgot Password and Forgot Username links under the Sign In button. For additional information, click How to Reset Password or Recover Username.

Recovery options can be revised or added once logged into the MyWCJC portal. For additional information, click How to Configure Recovery Options in MyWCJC.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

The MyWCJC portal uses enhanced security allowing for additional protection through the use of text and email verification codes. For additional information, click MFA.

Sign Out and Close Your Browser

Several of the applications in the MyWCJC portal will open a new browser tab. For security reasons, it is strongly recommended to sign out of all applications and close all browser windows and tabs after signing out of MyWCJC portal.






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