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Student Email Redirect

To Login to your WCJC Student e-Mail account, you must go through the MyWCJC Landing Page.

To access the Landing Page, go to www.wcjc.edu and click the MyWCJC link at the top right of the screen just below "Search WCJC".

Your Username is based on your first initial, last name and last 3 numbers of your WCJC ID, ex.  jsmith123

Your Password is your WCJC e-Mail password.

If this is your first time to login, your default password is set up with the following formula:

(wcjc)(exclamation point)(6-digit birthday mmddyy)

Example: the default password for Jane Smith whose birthday is July 25, 1991 would be - wcjc!072591

If you are experiencing difficulties logging in, please call (979) 532-6568 .



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