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Ordering A Transcript

A fee of $10.00 is charged for each transcript request. A student's request for a copy of the permanent academic record (transcript) will be denied if there is a hold on the record. The hold may be due to a financial obligation, fine, or failure to comply with admission and residence verification requirements.

Requests will be honored as quickly as possible and in the order received. Peak periods may require additional processing time (i.e. registration, end of semester, etc.). Please make request in advance. Normal processing time is 1-2 days (for requests by online services). Official transcripts will only be processed from the campus in Wharton.

Students can only request their own transcript. Transcripts can be requested through the following method:

By Online Services

Click on the LOGIN link under WCJC Online Services. Click the following icons: Student Services and Financial Aid, Student Records, and then Request Printed Transcript. After you complete your request, you will be able to make your payment by using Online Services.

How to Order an Official Transcript is the link to the navigation tutorial for using online services to order transcript.

If you are ordering a transcript through Online Services and have forgotten your PIN or password, please see the tutorial on resetting your PIN at


Transcript requests received in this manner will be processed the same day if the request is received before 3:00 PM. If the request is received after 3:00 PM, the transcript will be processed the following day.

Non-Online requests (please allow 3-4 days processing time):

Students Who Attended WCJC Prior to 1981 -

Students who attended Wharton County Junior College prior to 1981 must contact the Office of Admissions and Registration at the Wharton campus (979) 532-6303 to order a transcript of their academic record.  Only these students should contact the Office of Admission and Registration by phone all other requests should be done through online services.

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