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Joint Admissions

Memorandum of Understanding for Joint Admissions Between

The University of Houston System

(University of Houston, University of Houston-Clear Lake, University of Houston-Downtown, University of Houston-Victoria)


Wharton County Junior College

The University of Houston System (UHS) and Wharton County Junior College (WCJC) agree to implement a Joint Admissions program that will facilitate the admission of qualified students enrolled at WCJC who complete the associate’s degree (A.A., A.A.T., or A.S.) into four-year degree programs offered through the component universities of the UHS. The agreement also seeks to reduce the costs of higher education by encouraging students to complete the associate’s degree at WCJC by improved and collaborative academic advising, and by completion of joint admissions contracts. This agreement provides only for admission to component universities in the UH System. Requirements for admission to individual colleges/academic programs in UHS may vary.

This agreement is intended to initiate further discussions between UHS and WCJC to form standardized Level II partnerships that clearly define academic pathways for students.

The Universities of the UH System will:

  • Provide updated transfer and 2 + 2 UHS agreements in collaboration with the National Articulation and Transfer Network (NATN) to students seeking Joint Admissions;

  • Guarantee admission to UHS institutions for WCJC students who:
    o Complete and submit a Joint Admissions Contract to the Admissions

    Office at WCJC and the respective UHS university indicated on the Joint Admissions Contract to permit the exchange of student information between WCJC and UHS. The Joint Admissions Contract should be

completed and submitted in the first 30 SCH of coursework at the

community college (includes developmental and workforce SCH); and o have completed the associate’s degree (A.A., A.A.T., or A.S.) at WCJC;

o are in academic, financial and disciplinary good standing.

  • Provide reasonable access to UHS advisors at WCJC who can develop and provide degree plans for prospective students;

  • Advise students to complete the associate’s degree at a community college;

  • Waive the existing requirements of a completed Transfer Application and the

    Transfer Application fee for students seeking joint admission under this

    agreement; and

  • Develop incentives for students to participate in the Joint Admissions Agreement

    between WCJC and UHS (i.e. use of learning resources, access to sporting events at UHS student rates, etc.)

    Wharton County Junior College will:

    • Work with UHS to promote the Joint Admissions agreement;

    • Provide a list of interested students to the appropriate UHS institution(s);

    • Assist students interested in participating in Joint Admissions in completing and

      submitting the Joint Admissions Contract in their first 30 SCH of work at WCJC;


    • Provide a copy of the community college application and all transcripts of each

      student seeking Joint Admission to UHS in accordance with FERPA guidelines and the Joint Admissions Contract. WCJC will not charge additional fees to students to facilitate this exchange of information.

      Both parties agree to work collaboratively to create professional development opportunities for advising staff to impact employee retention, enhance communication and improve the effectiveness of the WCJC-UHS student “pipeline.”

      This agreement is effective beginning with the fall semester 2006 and will remain in effect until further notice. 

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