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Tuition and Fees


Beginning with the Fall of 2016, Wharton County Junior College students taking more than 13 hours of academic transfer courses will get a DISCOUNT on tuition and fees.

The new policy is that students will NOT be charged for tuition and fees for any courses above the 13 credit hours provided the students are enrolled in academic program courses and not vocational program courses. For example, an in-district student taking 19 credit hours will pay around $1,214.00 the same amount as a student taking only 13 credit hours. The discount is available to all students, regardless of in-district or out of district status, when enrolling in academic program courses.

This is a great opportunity for full-time students (and those close to being full-time students) to enroll in an extra course or two since once enrollment reaches the 13 credit level, the extra credits will NOT result in additional costs.


Tuition and Fees                                                                                 


Charges Per
Schedule HOUR
Schedule HOURS
Schedule HOURS
Schedule HOURS
Schedule HOURS
Schedule HOURS
In-District $32 $96 $192 $288 $384 $480
Out-of-District $32 $96 $192 $288 $384 $480
Out-of-State $84 $252 $504 $756 $1008 $1260
General Services Fee $73 $219 $438 $657 $876 $1095
Out-District Student Fee $56 $168 $336 $504 $672 $840
 Sugar Land Campus    Fee          $10      $30        $60       $90        $120         $150
TOTAL Tuition & Fees            
  In-District Students $105 $315 $630 $945 $1,260 $1,575
  Out-District- Students $161 $483 $966 $1449 $1932 $2,415
Out- of -District Sugar Land $171 $513 $1,026 $1,539 $2052 $2,565
  Out-of-State Students $213 $639 $1,278 $1,917 $2,556 $3,195

Minimum tuition for an in-district or out-of-district resident is $50, minimum out-of-district student fee is $50, and minimum tuition for an out-of-state or foreign resident is $200.Fees are assessed as follows, when applicable:

Late Registration Fee: $25


Applies to the first two days of classes

Change-of-Schedule Fee: $25


Applies to the first two days of classes                                                                                                                             

Returned-Check Fee:  $25

Charged for each check returned; 

Technology Fee:  $60 per semester

Non-Refundable once classes begin

Testing Fee:  See Testing

See Testing website for specific fees

Lab Fees:  Cost varies per class and program

Non-Refundable once classes begin

Insurance Fees:  Cost varies per program

Non-Refundable once classes begin

Program Fees:  Cost varies per program

Non-Refundable once classes begin


Wharton County Junior College will charge a higher tuition rate to Texas resident students registering for a course for the third or subsequent time. This charge will apply to any course that the student has already attempted twice and appears on their transcript. Upon the third or subsequent enrollment, the out of state tuition rate will be charged for those credits hours. This charge will be assessed upon third enrollments in attempted (courses in which a student withdrew and received a “W”) and completed courses (courses in which a student received a letter grade). Student tuition represents only a portion of the total cost of instruction. The remaining comes from state dollars that are paid by Texas taxpayers. When students enroll for courses for a third time, the state of Texas does not offer funding to the college to pay for operation of that student’s enrollment. The Texas state legislature allows colleges to charge tuition at a higher rate to offset the loss of funding.

Exemptions to the Repeated Courses

The following types of credit hours are exempt and are not subject to the Repeated Courses Tuition Charges Policy;

  1. credit hours for remedial and development courses, if the course work is within the 27-hour limit
  2. credit hours for courses that involve different or more advanced content each time they are taken, including but not limited to, individual music lessons, theater practicum, music performance, ensembles, certain physical education and kinesiology courses, and studio art;
  3. credit hours for independent study courses; and
  4. credit hours for continuing education courses that must be repeated to retain professional certification.
  5. credit hours repeated in the final semester or term before graduation, if the credit hours are taken for the purpose of receiving a grade that will satisfy a degree requirement. (This exemption applies for only one semester or term) 

Claiming Exemption

Students who believe that they should be receiving an exemption from the higher tuition rate should, after registering for the course that they were charged a higher tuition rate proceed to the admissions/registration office and request an appeal form. Students have seven (7) days from the start of a course to appeal the higher tuition rate. Students will be asked to (a) complete an appeal form identifying the reason that they believe they should be exempt from the higher tuition rate, (b) provide a statement to support the identified reason and (c) provide supporting documents to support their claim and then submit these to admissions office for processing. Appeals for exemption will be processed by the admissions staff whenever possible. Appeals for exemption that are processed by the admissions staff will be immediately returned to the student who will then take the processed and approved exemption form to the business office for reversal of higher tuition charges. Appeals for exemption requiring additional information or research will be processed by the Director of Admissions and Registration or Registrar as soon as possible. Students will be notified in such instances via WCJC e-mail regarding the outcome of the appeal for exemption. If the appeal for exemption is granted the student is responsible for taking the processed and approved appeal form to the business office.


Students who attempt to claim an exemption from the higher tuition rate but are denied an initial appeal for exemption have the option to appeal. In order to appeal a student must within five (5) business days of being denied an exemption present in writing a statement outlining the reasons they believe they should be granted an exemption. The student must supply any documentation at the time of their written appeal. The appeal should be sent to the Vice-President for Student Services. Within five (5) business days of receiving the appeal the Vice-President will respond in writing to the student’s appeal statement.

Tuition and fees are subject to change without notice.

Payment may be with cash, check, money order, or credit card (AMERICAN EXPRESS, DISCOVER, MASTERCARD, or VISA) 

Installment Plan



Important Plan Information

A $35 NON-REFUNDABLE fee will be assessed for each late installment payment.  Installment plans must be signed prior to the first class day.  Late registrants are not eligible for the installment plan. 

Tuition, fees, and dormitory charges are subject to change without notice by action of the Board of Trustees or the state legislature.

Room and Board Fees

(including 8.25% sales tax

Room in Mullins Hall (for women)

Room in Frankie Hall (for men)

$1.000 per semester

$1,000 per semester


$1,800 per semester

*All dormitory students are required to take the board plan.

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