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Thirty Hour Rule

There is a state law that could affect you later as you continue your education. An awareness of it and a little planning can pay dividends. The original law, Texas Education Code 54.014, stated that a student who has attempted 45 or more credit hours beyond the amount required for his/her bachelor’s degree at Texas public colleges or universities may be charged additional tuition, up to the level of out-of-state tuition. This law applied to students who began college in Fall 1999 or later. This law was changed (and renumbered to 54.068 in 2005) from 45 to 30 credit hours. The 30-hour rule applies to students who begin college in Fall 2006 or later. Developmental courses do not count toward this total. Technical courses that are not part of the bachelor’s degree plan do not count toward this total. Only academic courses count. But all grades, including “W” and “F” count.

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