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Graduation FAQs
  • When should I apply for graduation? 
    Apply for the semester in which you will be completing your degree or certificate requirements. Please review your degree evaluation by logging into Online Services or you may speak with an academic advisor if you have any questions about the requirements. The graduation application can be found at wcjc.edu/graduation

  • How do I run a degree evaluation?
    Please refer to How to Run a Degree Evaluation

  • How do I read a degree evaluation?
    Please refer to How to Read a Degree Evaluation (coming soon)  
  • I will complete my classes in the Summer semester, but want to participate in the Spring graduation ceremony, when should I apply?  
    Students completing the required courses in the Summer can attend the following May graduation ceremony.

  • I don't plan to attend the ceremony, do I need to apply for graduation?
    Yes, the application is used to indicate that a student is completing their degree or certificate and wants to have it reviewed and awarded when completed. Attending the ceremony does not equal graduating.

  • I applied for graduation, when will I know if I’m eligible? 
    The Office of Admissions and Registration reviews graduation applications throughout each semester.  Depending on the number of applicants for that semester, there is a five business day turnaround before you get a graduation status email.


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