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Commencement Ceremony

Congratulations on your accomplishment! 


Please note: Commencement for May 2020 has been cancelled in response to precautions recommended by local, state, and federal authorities related to COVID-19. 


Additional Commencement Information

Commencement Rehearsal 

Rehearsal for May 2020 Commencement has been cancelled.

Rehearsal will be held in the Gene Bahnsen Gymnasium on the Wharton Campus. Graduates are strongly encouraged to attend.

Commencement Regalia (Cap and Gown)

Commencement for May 2020 has been cancelled.

If you are participating in the ceremony, you must order your cap, gown, and tassel through the WCJC Bookstore.  You may pick up your regalia at either the Wharton or Richmond bookstore, prior to May 10.  The cost for regalia is $39.99 plus tax.


Commencement for May 2020 has been cancelled.

You may order customized graduation announcements through Herff Jones.

Guests and Seating at Commencement

Commencement for May 2020 has been cancelled.

Doors will open at 8:45 am for the 10:00 am ceremony and at 12:45 pm for the 2 pm ceremony. Reserved seating is prohibited. Please urge your family and friends arrive early in order to have a seat.

In addition to seating in the gym, Commencement will be live-streamed to the Fine Arts Auditorium on the Wharton Campus.  Additional overflow seating will be available in the auditorium as needed.

Commencement Etiquette

Commencement for May 2020 has been cancelled.

Commencement is a time for celebration and recognition of your academic success, and the faculty and staff of Wharton County Junior College congratulate you!  We ask that you remember this long and respected tradition and approach the ceremony with the proper decorum and respect. 


Men wear white or light-colored shirts, dark pants, and solid-colored dark shoes. Women wear light-weight dress or shirt with dark pants, and dark-colored low-heeled shoes.  Do not wear flowers of any kind or conspicuous costume jewelry. Candidates wear tassels to the right.  After Ms. McCrohan confers the degrees, change it to the left.  Women never remove caps. 

1)  Processional     
2)  Special music 
3)  Presentation of Awards
4)  Awarding of Degrees
5)  Recessional                              


The list of candidates is printed in alphabetical order.  Names will be read from this same list.  So, being in the correct order is important.  There are 26 chairs per row.  Beginning with the row closest to the stage we will consider the rows to be numbered 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.  When marching in, odd-numbered rows will enter from the left (facing the stage) and even-numbered rows will enter from the right.  Due to this marching arrangement, student must line up as follows:

Odd-numbered rows (1, 3, 5, ...) will line up in alphabetical order.
Even-numbered rows (2, 4, 6, ...) will line up in reverse alphabetical order.
The first 26 students on the list will be in row 1.  The next 26 will be in row 2, etc.

When marching, try to stay about 4 feet from the person in front of you.  In processional and recessional, try to stay even with a person opposite you.  Walk at a moderate pace.  Do not crowd before going on stage.  Refrain from talking.  Voices will carry.  At the end of the exercises, please remain standing for faculty march.  Rows 1 and 2 will fall in directly behind faculty for recessional.  You will have the same row leader, but you will go out the opposite side.


1) After marching in, please remain standing until the signal is given to sit. Then all will be seated. 

2) Remain seated until asked to rise by Mrs. Collins.  After Ms. McCrohan confers degrees and students are ready to march to the stage, all rows will be seated except the first row.  This row will begin to march toward the stage from the right side.  Each row will rise and march from the right side when the 22nd person on the preceding row has received his/her diploma.  When this person’s name is called, this is the cue for the leader of the row to rise.  Others on the row will follow.  Each student will remain at the top of the steps until his/her name is called.  He/She will then walk across the stage, receive his/her diploma in the left hand, and shake hands with Mr. Gertson with the right hand.  Each student will return to his/her assigned place and be seated. 

3) Rise for the recessional. Graduates remain standing while faculty march out.  Graduates will follow the faculty.

Commencement FAQs

Commencement for May 2020 has been cancelled.

How many guests can I invite?  Are tickets issued? 
We do not issue tickets or reserve seats. You may invite as many guests as you would like. However, there is limited seating.

My guest or I need accommodations for the ceremony. If you or your guest need assistance with seating requirements, please indicate the request on your application for graduation. You may also contact the Emily Voulgaris at (979) 532-6537 for family member accommodations or Dr. Jimmie Flanagin, Coordinator of Disability Services at (979) 532-6384 for student accommodations.

Where should I park? Parking map

What should I wear to the ceremony? 
The ceremony is a distinguished event.  Please dress tastefully.  Keep in mind – the robe is knee- to shin length. Slacks or knee-length skirts are appropriate. You may be standing for an hour or longer, please wear comfortable shoes.

How long does the ceremony last?
The ceremony typically lasts 1.5 hours.

Can my guests take pictures at commencement?
Yes, they are able to take pictures from the guest seating area only and the aisles must remain clear at all times.

When will I receive my diploma?
You will receive your diploma 2-3 weeks after the commencement ceremony. Your diploma will be mailed to the address listed on your application for graduation. 

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