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Disaster Recovery

WCJC Disaster Recovery

Governor Abbot Visits Wharton After the Storm


Messages From Administration

September 4, 2017

WCJC Serves Communities in Wake of Crisis

The Wharton County Junior College Board of Trustees extends their gratitude to all employees for their efforts in helping to prepare for the college for Hurricane Harvey and for actions they have taken in the wake of this unprecedented storm.  Time and again, our employees have reached out to volunteer their time to relief organizations, assist in dangerous rescue efforts, make donations, and lend a helping hand to others in crisis. 

When Hurricane Harvey struck our service area, Wharton County Junior College was here to help.  The college immediately opened its doors to serve as a hub for first responders.  The college continued to serve the community by offering housing to these vital members of the crisis rescue team by providing a comfortable central location to rest, bath, and share meals.  The college hosted staff from the Department of Public Safety, the City of Wharton Emergency Medical Services, the Texas State Guard, the National Guard,  and the U.S. Army.  Additionally, the college allowed the Wharton Police Department to set up a command post on campus, provided a group of community volunteers with needed space to set up a relief station to offer meals, and served as relief location for a county animal rescue group.

This disaster has reminded us of the importance of each individual employee, as well as why we love and cherish this college and the communities that it serves. 

Wharton County Junior College Board of Trustees


August 30, 2017

Students, Employees, and Community Members,

Our heartfelt concerns are with you during this difficult time.  We hope that you quickly find the resources you need to ease the heavy burdens left in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.  Please know that our thoughts and prayers will remain with you in the times that lie ahead.

Wharton County Junior College Board of Trustees and President Betty McCrohan

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