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FAQs For Students

Wharton County Junior College is aware that students may have questions regarding academics, financial aid, residence life and other pertinent information in the wake of Hurricane Harvey and the recent flooding of the Colorado and San Bernard rivers. WCJC officials are committed to assisting students with finding the information they need to ensure a successful semester.


Below is a list of frequently asked questions aimed at helping students navigate through this challenging time. For questions not found on this page, please contact the appropriate department:

Admissions – Karen Preisler, (979) 532-6303, karenp@wcjc.edu

Financial Aid – Dave Leenhouts, (979) 532-6905, leenhoutsd@wcjc.edu

Student Services – Kimberly Gubbels, (979) 532-6388, gubbelsk@wcjc.edu

Athletics – Rhonda Clayton, (979) 532-6368, claytonr@wcjc.edu

Residence Living – Rhonda Clayton, (979) 532-6368, claytonr@wcjc.edu

Payments and Installment Plans – Gus Wessels, (979) 532-6505, gusw@wcjc.edu


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  • What is the current status of WCJC’s four campuses? All four of WCJC’s campuses – Wharton, Bay City, Richmond and Sugar Land – are in good shape and suffered no significant damage from Hurricane Harvey and the related river flooding. Although the main campus in Wharton was surrounded by water and had some minor flooding on the property, none of the buildings were impacted.
  • When will WCJC open for the Fall 2017 semester? The first day of classes is Wednesday, Sept. 6, at all four of WCJC’s campuses: Wharton, Bay City, Richmond and Sugar Land.
  • When the campus reopens, will my classes be in the same location? Since campus buildings were not significantly impacted by the storm, classes will remain in their original location.
  • Have the add and drop dates for classes changed? Please view the college’s revised Academic Calendar for the most current information: Academic Calendar



  • How has the hurricane and flooding affected the ongoing WCJC Pioneers volleyball team’s season? A revised volleyball team schedule will be posted on the team’s webpage in the near future. Volleyball Schedule



  • I’d like to make a donation to help WCJC employees affected by Hurricane Harvey. How can I do so? WCJC has set up a GoFundMe campaign called #PioneersCARE to raise money for employees affected by the disaster. Money raised through this campaign will be divided equally among employees whose homes have been lost or damaged by the storm or rising waters. Visit our fundraising page to find a link for donations or to learn more.
  • Can I donate funds for the benefit of WCJC students? The Wharton County Junior College Foundation accepts donations throughout the year and provides scholarships for area high school graduates. For information on the foundation, please visit the college website at www.wcjc.edu



  • I am unable to return to classes on Sept. 4 because of the hurricane. Will my instructors work with me on this? Absolutely. Please contact your instructor directly by finding their contact information in the Employee Directory on the website: www.wcjc.edu
  • The river flooding destroyed my home and I am unsure when I will be able to return to campus. What should I do? Please contact your class instructors to make arrangements. In addition, you may also wish to contact Student Services at (979) 532-6388, or via email at gubbelsk@wcjc.edu



  • Has the fall semester payment deadline changed? The deadline has been extended to Wednesday, Sept. 13, at 3 p.m.
  • What about installment and payment plans? Please review the Academic Calendar for information on installment and payment plans: Academic Calendar
  • I want to remain enrolled but now need financial assistance. What can I do? Please contact Dave Leenhouts at (979) 532-6905 or leenhoutsd@wcjc.edu for financial aid assistance.


Residence Life

  • When is the dorm move-in date? Dorm move-in will be held from on Monday, Sept. 4 from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. and on Tuesday, Sept. 5 from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Students must report to the Pioneer Student Center prior to moving in. Dorm students who are not available to move in on these dates should contact Dave Leenhouts, WCJC’s Vice President of Student Services, at leenhoutsd@wcjc.edu
  • Did the storm create a need to house more than two people in a residence hall room? Since the main campus in Wharton did not suffer any significant damage to its buildings and facilities, that will not be necessary.
  • I had planned to live in a residence hall but will now be unable to. What should I do? Please contact the Residence Life supervisor, Rhonda Clayton, at (979) 532-6368 or via email at claytonr@wcjc.edu
  • Are there any dorm rooms still available for the fall semester? For an updated list of openings, please contact the Residence Life supervisor, Rhonda Clayton, at (979) 532-6368 or via email at claytonr@wcjc.edu



  • Is there a list of community resources available for support? Please visit our Employee Resources page to find links to resources available for disaster victims. 
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