Everyone experiences some difficulties with assignments periodically. At Wharton County Junior College, we offer tutoring services face-to-face in the Learning Assistance Centers  and online.

Tutors can help you in many ways, including refining your writing assignments, improving your reading comprehension, understanding and solving math problems or, in some cases, explaining content-related concepts. Additionally, the tutors in the Learning Assistance Centers may be able assist you in locating online resources to support what you are learning in class.

Tutors cannot: do your work for you; assist your with a take-home test (although they can help you solve similar problems/questions); or guarantee that you will make a better grade on an assignment. You are responsible for your own learning.

To make the most of your tutoring visit:

  • Visit early in the semester, as soon as you start having problems. If you get too far behind, you may not be able to catch up.
  • Do your prep work and come prepared. Read your text; do as much of the homework assignment as you can and mark items with which you need help; write down questions for the tutor; make sure you have a copy of the original assignment to which the tutor can refer; and have your class notes and/or syllabus with you.
  • Arrive in plenty of time to receive help. Do not expect a tutor to proofread your assignment right before it's due. You will need to allow time for the tutor to locate errors and/or suggest improvements, and you will need to have time to make the necessary corrections.
  • Do not arrive at the tutoring center just before it closes. Check the WCJC website for the  Learning Assistance Center's  hours of operation. If you cannot utilize the face-to-face tutoring services, check out Smarthinking through your WCJC Online Services.

Please feel free to contact Natalie Stavinoha, WCJC Retention Coordinator, at 979-532-6964 or natalies@wcjc.eduif you have questions or need further assistance.


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