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Spring Semester 2019, all residence halls will close for the spring break holiday on Friday, March 8, 2019  at 4:00 pm. The residence halls will reopen for students on Sunday, March 17, 2019 at 1:00 pm. Students must vacate the residence halls during spring break. 

Spring Semester 2019, all residence hall will close on Wednesday, April 17th for the Easter holiday at 4:00 pm--late check out can be arranged with Residence Hall Supervisor in advance. The residence halls will reopen for students on Sunday, April 21, 2019 at 1:00 pm. Students must vacate the residence halls during the Easter holiday. 

Spring Semester 2019, all residence halls will close at the end of the semester on Friday, May 17, 2019 at 5:00 pm. Only students participating in the commencement ceremony will be allowed to stay in the residence halls after 5:00 pm. 

Campus Tours  of the Wharton Campus are done by appointment. Please contact Julie Aaronson (979-532-6455) or Johnnie Svatek (979-532-6431) to schedule campus tours. 

Frankie Hall exterior

WCJC provides dormitory accommodations only at the main campus in Wharton. Dorm rooms are only available during the fall and spring semesters. Frankie Hall (men's dorm) and Mullins Hall (women's dorm) are both located on campus.  To be eligible to live in the dorm, a student must enroll in and maintain a minimum of 12 semester hours at WCJC.

All dorms are traditional-style, two-person rooms designed for students only.  WCJC does not provide accommodations for married couples or children.  All students living in the dorms must be on the campus cafeteria meal plan.  The cafeteria provides three meals per day Monday thru Friday, two meals on Saturday, and one meal on Sunday.  The cafeteria offers one meal plan only; credit is not given for missed meals because of dormitory absence, school events, etc.

Each dormitory provides a live-in dorm supervisor and security is maintained 24 hours a day.    Each dorm student is provided a twin bed, chest-of-drawers, closet, desk and chair.  Self-service laundry facilities are provided within all dorm buildings; washers and dryers are free of charge, but students must provide their own cleaning products. Each room will also have access to cable television and wireless internet.

Frankie Hall lobbyFrankie Hall bathrooms







Frankie Hall is a two-story building on campus that provides housing accommodations for 76 men. Women are not allowed in Frankie Hall except in the main entrance lobby.  The downstairs lobby and an upstairs lounge both provide a VCR and satellite television service.  All rooms are suite-style, where two rooms share a middle bathroom.

Frankie Hall rooms

Mullins Hall lobbyMullins Hall is a two-story building on campus that provides housing accommodations for 53 women.  Men are not allowed in Mullins Hall except in the main entrance lobby, which provides a VCR and satellite television service.  Restroom facilities are located at the end of each hallway.


Mullins bedroom

To reserve a room, the student must fill out an application and submit it to the Housing Office, along with a $200.00 deposit. The student must also include a Release of Background Information form along with the $15 fee. Students may request a refund of their room deposits if they decide not to attend WCJC. To cancel a residence hall reservation and contract, and be eligible for a refund of the deposit, a student must submit a request in writing to the Housing Office fifteen days  prior to the start of classes. Failure to cancel a reservation as outlined above will result in the forfeiture of the entire room deposit. In the event the student's admission or enrollment is canceled for failure to meet the college's requirements for admission or re-admission, the full deposit and pre-paid room rent will be refunded or transferred to another semester at the direction of the student. 

Mullins desks and dressers









Frankie Hall/Mullins Hall

Room Fee $     750.00 per semester
Board Plan            $  1,500.00 per semester
Total $  2,250.00 per semester


Mullins lobby tables

Students who reside in the dormitories must also pay the Board Plan. Room charges and the first payment for board must be made before entering the dormitory as a resident. Students who want to get on an installment plan for board must go to the business office at the Wharton campus and sign an installment contract.

Dormitory and cafeteria charges are subject to change without notice by action of the Board of Trustees.

The residence halls and the cafeteria will be closed during official college holidays as specified in the College Calendar. During these holidays, students must arrange for other housing and meals.


Students who vacate or are dismissed from the residence hall for any reason during the semester will not receive a refund on any room or board payment.


The $200.00 room deposit will serve as a combination reservation/damage/room clearance deposit. The deposit is not applied to housing rent. The deposit is not covered by any WCJC institutional scholarship. For non-returning residents, the deposit is refundable at the end of the semester upon written request of the student, when all monies owed and all provisions of the housing contract have been satisfied.  Any assessments left unpaid at the time the student leaves WCJC will be deducted from the $200.00 deposit.

Students should consult the Residence Hall Handbook and the Student Handbook regarding dormitory regulations.




Residence Hall Handbook  (.pdf file)    

Housing Application Form  (.pdf form)    

Background Information Check Procedures  (.pdf file)     

Criteria for Evaluation of Background for Housing Applications  (.pdf file)

Release of Background Information Form (.pdf file)

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