Student Dorms

WCJC provides dormitory accommodations on the Wharton Campus during the Fall and Spring semesters. A student must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 semester hours to be eligible to live in a dorm.  All students living in the dorms must be on the campus cafeteria meal plan. 

Dorm Fees (2020-21):

Room Fee $     750.00 per semester
Board Plan            $  1,500.00 per semester
Total $  2,250.00 per semester

For additional information, please contact Rhonda Clayton at 979-532-6368.

Dorm Amenities:

Each dormitory provides a live-in dorm supervisor and security is maintained 24 hours a day.    Each dorm student is provided a twin bed, chest-of-drawers, closet, desk and chair, along with in-room access to cable television and wireless internet.  Self-service laundry facilities are provided within all dorm buildings. Washers and dryers are free of charge, but students must provide their own cleaning products.

Frankie Hall lobby

Frankie Hall is a two-story building on campus that provides housing accommodations for 76 men. Women are not allowed in Frankie Hall except in the main entrance lobby.  The downstairs lobby and an upstairs lounge both provide a VCR and satellite television service.  All rooms are suite-style, where two rooms share a middle bathroom.

Frankie Hall rooms

Mullins Hall is a two-story building on campus that provides housing accommodations for 53 women.  Men are not allowed in Mullins Hall except in the main entrance lobby, which provides a VCR and satellite television service.  Restroom facilities are located at the end of each hallway.

Mullins Hall lobby

Reservation Information:

To reserve a room, the student must fill out a Housing Application Form and submit it to the Housing Office, along with a $200.00 deposit. The student must also include a Release of Background Information form along with the $15 fee.

Student Housing Resources:

Student Handbook

Housing Application Form   

Background Information Check Procedures

Criteria for Evaluation of Background for Housing Applications

Release of Background Information Form

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