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If you're planning to transfer to a four-year university after you leave WCJC, the resources listed here will help you get a good start. It is best to give yourself plenty of time to consider your options; financial aid resources, scholarship opportunities, and housing decisions are just a few areas that require a good amount of time and preparation.                             

Your WCJC campus academic advisor, academic advising specialist and counselor are available to assist you in your search.   We encourage you to visit, call, or e-mail an academic advisor, academic advising specialist, online academic advisor or counselor as early as possible in your transfer university decision making process.                             

Equivalency Transfer Guides

Many of the academic courses offered at WCJC are equivalent to courses at four-year colleges or universities. Course equivalency guides show a listing of equivalent courses between WCJC and Texas public colleges and universities.  Some equivalency guides show equivalencies to Texas Common Course Numbers (TCCN), which WCJC uses in determining course designations.  Some university websites also include transferable courses required for specific majors. It is the student's responsibility to research transferability of courses as well as courses required for specific majors. If in doubt, contact the institution you are transferring the courses.If your prospective school is not listed below, you may use the TCCNS Matrix to view equivalencies between TCCN and Texas institutions not listed, including other community colleges.

Some of the universities listed below offer a joint admission program, in which a                                    student may be admitted to both WCJC and the university.  For more information about joint admission programs, consult a WCJC Academic Advisor, Academic Advising Specialist or Counselor.

To search degrees in Texas: Degree Programs in Texas   

Please review accreditation, review requirements to apply, deadlines, financial considerations, and review comparision of schools prior to applying to a university.  Meet with an Academic Advisor, Academic Advising Specialist or Counselor if you have questions regarding college majors or transfer.

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State of Texas Public Universities

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Private (Independent) Universities in Texas

Out of State (Border) Universities


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