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WCJC students have some of the highest transfer rates in the state! That means that if you're planning to transfer to a four-year university after finishing your goals at WCJC, then you've come to the right place!

When planning to transfer, It is best to give yourself plenty of time to consider all of your options.  Your WCJC advisors are here to assist you as you take that next step.   Please contact the WCJC Career and Transfer Center for additional information related to transfer requirements and planning.

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Joint Admissions

Some Texas universities offer a joint admission program, in which a student may be admitted to both WCJC and the university.  For more information about joint admission programs, contact the WCJC Academic Advising Office at 979-532-6516.

Sam Houston State University Joint Admissions

University of Texas - Dallas Comet Connection

University of Houston Joint Admissions Hawk Connection

University of Houston - Downtown Joint Admissions

University of Houston - Victoria Joint Admissions


Texas Common Course Numbering System


Many of the academic courses offered at WCJC are equivalent to courses at four-year colleges or universities. WCJC uses the Texas Common Course Numbering System to determine course designations and allow for easy reference when transferring to a four-year institution. Students may use the TCCNS Matrix to view equivalencies between various Texas institutions.

Course equivalency guides show a listing of equivalent courses between WCJC and Texas public colleges and universities.  Some university websites also include transferable courses required for specific majors. Students may also look up their course equivalencies from other institutions using the WCJC College Source TES platform.

It is the student's responsibility to research the transferability of courses, as well as course requirements for specific majors. If in doubt, contact the institution of your choice to verify the requirements for transfer.




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